Enhancing Intimacy: How Couples Can Incorporate Male Sex Toys

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If you’re looking for a way to spice up your sex life, have you ever thought about introducing sex toys during your most intimate shared moments? Not just any sex toys either; we’re talking about sex toys for men, such as male masturbators and prostate massagers.

Enhancing Intimacy: How Couples Can Incorporate Male Sex Toys porn blog

Male sex toys are not seen as the perverted contraptions they once were, and many couples around the world have begun using them to add another dimension to their sex lives. If you’re thinking of doing the same, follow the below tips, and you’ll soon be enjoying the best sex you’ve ever had.

Start with Open Communication

Before you can even think about the best male sex toys to buy, you first need to speak to your partner to see if they’re into the idea. Ensure you’re in a private place before opening up an honest and open dialogue with your partner. Discuss each other's fantasies and desires before bringing up male sex toys and whether they’d be open to using them during future sexual encounters.

Shop for Toys Together

If your partner is in full agreement, the next step is to consider the different male sex toys you can implement into your sex lives. Even better, you could go to a sex shop and shop together. You could also shop online if you’re too shy to go to a high-street retailer. Either way, you can browse the available options and discuss how to use them when experimenting.

Make Sure It Is About Shared Pleasure

Before you consider using male sex toys to enhance the intimate moments with your partner, make sure the experience is about shared pleasure rather than just your own. The experience should benefit you both equally and become something you both enjoy. Your partner might not appreciate it if the toy is brought in for your own satisfaction. It may even make your partner feel inadequate.

Consider Using a Male Masturbator with Your Partner

While there are many male sex toys you can consider using, male masturbators are a good place to start. Your partner can use the masturbator on you and share in the pleasure you receive. They can mix it up a bit by using their mouth and hands before incorporating the masturbator to finish you off.

Enhancing Intimacy: How Couples Can Incorporate Male Sex Toys porn blog

Explore Prostate Massagers

Another popular sex toy for men is prostate massagers. They might not be for everyone, but these devices can heighten pleasure levels during sex. In fact, they are known to intensify orgasms. As mentioned, you might not enjoy this type of device compared to other people, but that is the whole point of experimenting, right?

Ready to Start?

As long as you follow our advice above, there is no reason you cannot have a great time exploring male sex toys with your partner. As mentioned, just make sure your partner is game rather than surprising them during your next intimate moment. If they’re game, then you have the green light to start exploring the sensations of these devices together.

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