We met a cam girl Melanie and had some great fun together

As a public nudity and flashing lovers we often send requests for interview to many porn stars and cam girls. Unfortunately, in most cases we don’t get any answers but, this time that wasn’t a case. We send an email to a camgirl who works at Slapper Cams. Very communicative and cheerful 21 year old girl who wanted to stay anonymous so we decided to call her Melanie. She was very happy to respond positively to our request for spending a day together, meet each other, and talk on our favorite subject public nudity.
We met a cam girl Melanie and had some great fun together sex stories

I was at agreed place 5 minutes before agreed time and ordered coffee. A few moments later, everyone in the cafe started to stare at petite, all natural brunette in tight red dress and boots. She approached to me and introduced herself. The first impression? Holly shit, those pokies, she wasn’t wearing bra and her natural boobs were jiggling all the time. I started to droll immediately. Of course, Melanie noticed that and responded with a big smile. Than she told “I though you used on this :)?”. I managed to put myself together so we continue as planned.
We started to talk about her webcam girl career. Melanie started when she was 19 but, because of her beauty, talent and incredible sex appeal she became unbelievable popular in short period of time. She wasn’t like all other Snapchat sluts & Omegle cam girls. As she took her job very seriously, her live shows were always different. Cosplay, make up, hair style, stories, she was a girl for everybody.
As we were chatting about where to go, i saw that she uncrossed her legs. BOOM !!!. That little dark hairy bush shot me directly in the brain. Fuck, she wasn’t wearing panties at all and was pretty comfortable with it. I was busted, again. I couldn’t manage to hide the reaction. As i was dead serious Melanie were ROFL. Than she suggested to take a walk together what was really good idea.
What happened later and how we spent a day you can read in details in the whole story written by Melanie and posted at SlapperCams.com.

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