Terry Webb very Public Laundry Room Sex

Terry Webb very Public Laundry Room Sex sex stories real nudity mature howife

This latest adventure may not be as exciting or wild as most I usually share but it was such an unexpected and fun adventure I wanted to share. If you have read my other adventures or responses to past posts you already know my hubby and I travel all over the country for business. We are often on the road for extended periods of time. Naturally this means we occasionally run out of clean clothes (even though I try to rarely wear any even when riding or driving lol) and must make time for a pit stop to do laundry. That was the setting for this adventure. However before sharing this laundry room adventure let me start by sharing how my night before and how I came to be in the laundry room.

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Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

Where should I start as I tell you about our latest cruise experience. I mean much of it was like usual. Our cabin door was always open with a sign saying “Adult Party inside all is welcome”. Hubby and I were leaving handfuls of my “grab and fuck” vouchers all over the ship with our room number on the back. Believe you me lots of guys of all ages were cashing those vouchers in.

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Super cute shy wife lisa exposed

Super cute shy wife lisa exposed real nudity milf pics howife

Lisa is a very shy wife who only likes to take pictures for her husband.she is outside golfing with a skirt on and no underwear flashing her perfect little pussy

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I Want My Wife As A Slut In Anime

I Want My Wife As A Slut In Anime sex stories howife

Of, so here’s my ultimate fantasy. I don’t know if anybody shares this kink with me because it’s pretty specific and I haven’t heard of it before. But I want my hotwife to be fucked by a bull in uncensored hentai. You might think I’m crazy, but I have my reasons to wish for such a fringe thing. There’s also a background to it. Anime and Hentai Games are the reason for which we became such an open-minded couple. It started back in college, which seems to be an eternity ago. That’s why we matched so well. I was a huge geek in my college years. I didn’t have much experience with the girls and spent most of my time in my dorm room watching anime and playing video games. My now-wife was not that type. She loved to party all the time and she would get in all kinds of naughty adventures with her friends. In a way she was riding the cock carousel and being honest, I kind of loved that about her. She had this vibrant sexuality that would hit anyone in any room she entered, no matter what she was doing.

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