Strip search exposes David Bishop’s TINY LITTLE PENIS

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Strip search exposes David Bishops TINY LITTLE PENIS real nudity dick flash

March 23 2021 David Bishops strip search and arrest revealed his tiny little penis to officers and medical examiner! Haha!(” leaked”)

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6 thoughts on “Strip search exposes David Bishop’s TINY LITTLE PENIS”

  1. Haha! Thats so FUCKIN funny! He got busted having meth stuffed up his asshole and now has to expose himself nude for any cop who wants to hassle him ..basically for no reason!( i hope i see him stripped nude so i can laugh at him!)- ill snap pics to share then too stupid bitch!

  2. This guy is the stupidest fuckin loser! Thats hilarious he should be on the dumbest criminals list and soo cool gets what hes got comin and everytime a cop has a bad day and sees you hes gonna strip search you in public! Lol hehe

  3. Everytime i see this post and pictures i always laugh because just the idea of having him humiliated IN PLAIN SIGHT OF THE PUBLIC and the thought of him standing on a sidewalk cuffed ( crying probably embarrassed and EXPOSED)NUDE..IS EXTREMELY SATISFYING TO ME..HE DESERVES IT AND MUCH MORE..HAHA

  4. I think I am finally happy with the overall amount of humiliation and embarrassment that DAVID BISHOP is finally receiving. I have gone to great lengths to expose and HUMILIATE him everywhere everyday and he has bitched about having girls laughing at his TIny pathetic little penis everywhere he goes now and knowing that he is recognized for this is great. Because you do deserve this don’t you bitch? Yes you do.

  5. What a tiny little pathetic penis..haha
    And i am going to spread these pictures everywhere too!..

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