How to Have a Prostate Orgasm: Beginner’s Guide

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How to Have a Prostate Orgasm: Beginner’s Guide porn blog

Every guy can have a prostate orgasm – it’s very easy to achieve and more powerful than any other climax.

A prostate orgasm happens whenever the prostate is stimulated and massaged consistently. Those who have experienced it describe the prostate orgasm as a full-body pleasure wave that feels more intense and powerful than just ejaculating.

You can explore a few techniques to give yourself a prostate orgasm or to enjoy one with your partner.

Try a Prostate Massage with a Finger

Inserting a well-lubed finger inside your butt (or having your partner do so) will be enough to get a taste for the sensation.

The prostate is located very close to the rectum. You wouldn’t have to go deep inside to feel its shape and have it gently massaged with a finger. When you are aroused, the prostate will swell and become even easier to identify. It will feel like a fleshy bulb of tissue located on the front wall of the rectum. The prostate will be fairly easy to identify, as its texture will be a lot different from that of the surrounding tissue.

Take it slow, especially if this is the first time inserting something in your butt. Lots of lube and being properly aroused before getting started will also be important to relax and immerse yourself fully into the experience.

As far as the fingering technique goes, you can do a few things. The first one is the come-hither motion that’s used to stimulate the G-spot. Using a finger to circle the prostate and slowly increasing the speed and the pressure can also work really well.

Get a Prostate Massager

If you like those first experiments, consider investing in a prostate massager or another toy made specifically for guys.

Prostate massager is different from a butt plug in a couple of ways. For a start, it’s a lot narrower. This characteristic simplifies insertion and also helps for precise and very targeted prostate stimulation.

Most prostate massagers can vibrate to give you the most wholesome, orgasmic massage. Some have a perineal stimulation pad on top of the insertable bit. Having the prostate massaged both directly and indirectly through the perineum is a recipe for a powerful orgasm.

The rules that apply to finger play will also be valid in the event of using a prostate massager. Get properly aroused before inserting anything in your butt. Use lots of lube – just make sure it’s compatible with the material your prostate massager is made of. Start out at the lowest vibration setting for a gentle tease. Eventually, you can dial up the intensity to have yourself coming in a matter of seconds.

Let Your Partner Penetrate You

Once you become more comfortable with having an item inside your butt, you can consider the type of partnered penetration known as pegging.

Pegging involves getting anally penetrated with a dildo or a probe by your partner. This kind of penetration can feel very intense and it will give you a wholesome prostate stimulation experience.

To make the most of pegging, you’ll have to choose the right strap-on and harness. A probe that’s narrow and slightly curved will be best for reaching and targeting the prostate.

Harness-free strap-ons can also be a lot of fun. A harness-free strap-on has a retention bulb that goes inside the wearer’s vagina and a penetration probe. Some of these strap-ons can also vibrate, increasing the intensity of the penetrative experience.

If you want to test out pegging, talk to your partner about it. Discuss the boundaries and the specifics of the experience in advance. Knowing what to expect and communicating throughout the session are both important to enjoy the moment, build intimacy and experience as much pleasure as possible. When doing pegging, experiment with different depth of penetration, thrusting angles and vibration speeds. Varying even one of these elements will contribute to a new experience each time.  Also, don’t forget to stroke your penis while you’re getting your prostate massaged. A focus on two such powerful erogenous zones will give you the most explosive kind of sexual pleasure you’ve ever felt.

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