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  1. The completely naked girl is a wonderful photograph and I would just love to be brave enough to do exactly that, it must be a total thrill, I love the excitement and rush of being naked in public.
    I have only flashed mildly, I have been completely naked in the garden – but our back garden is relatively private with tall hedges and trees and only overlooked by our next door neighbour, I went out there when I knew they were out!
    The most daring I’ve been is to go out in my car when it is dark with just a wrap over dress on and I pull into a lay-by to open it up fully and drive onto dual carriageways where I drive behind a lorry and wait until there is no other traffic around, then I slowly overtake and put the interior light on and keep level with the driver, my heart is pounding and I wait until he sounds the horn which is when I know he has seen me and I drive off quickly, laughing atnd excited at my antics!
    I sometimes get scared that I may be reported and hubby would find out but I get a great kick out of it, I just want to flash properly, naked on a train would be brilliant and I may get brave enough one day!
    Jan. x

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