Shy wife first time

4 thoughts on “Shy wife first time”

  1. My hotwife has stopped wearing underwear and I get so hard thinking about her flashing men.. I even encourage her to do it when we are out..

  2. Absolute beautiful wife, and her vagina looks like a desert from a fine restaurant. It’s tight pink and new, you might want to get to work on that!

  3. I talked my wife into showing in a park. She sat down on a blanket, and pretended she didn’t know. Several guys walked by, then returned, one bold one sat down not 5 feet away and stared. Got her so hot we had sex in the car alongside the road. Now she flashes every change she gets, she has even let a few guys touch her for a few seconds.

  4. There is nothing to be shy about, when you are an astonishingly beautiful woman.

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