Hunt 4K Review

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Hunt 4K Review porn blog


You already know there will be 4K content on Hunt 4K, but what’s with the hunting business? Well, the bulk of the content here focuses on the pickup-and-fuck setup where a dude hits the streets hitting on random women and getting them to have sex with him, but that’s far from the only thing you will be jerking off to with the site mixing up the scenarios to provide some variety. One thing you can be guarantee is all the videos are in crispy 4K Ultra HD and whichever video you pick will provide you with an amazing viewing and fapping experience. There are only 17 videos at the time of writing, but with such stunning quality and impressive length of 30+ minutes, what’s there not to love?

For The Love of Reality Porn

For the uninitiated, reality porn, according to Daily Porn Discounts, doesn’t mean that the scenarios are real.  It simply means they are scripted and made to resemble real life scenarios as much as possible. All this in an effort to help you blow a load. Being a porn addict must not feel that miserable after all!

Anyway, these guys have gone out of their way to ensure you don’t complain about the quality of fap materials on offer. Everything is available in stunning 4K Ultra HD and you are therefore never missing any drop of sweat or any mark on sexy flesh. These videos must take a lot of resources to make, which is probably why the site doesn’t have the largest of collections with only 17 videos at your disposal. Luckily, the movies are pretty lengthy and mostly run for over 30 minutes. One video will provide you with multiple opportunities to rub one out. 

Hunt 4K Review porn blog

Most of the videos focus on a hunter (whose face is blurred) as he hits the streets of Prague, hooking up with random girls and recording his sexcapades for you. He must be one generous bastard. However, these folks realize that that would be monotonous and have worked to vary the scenarios. Sometimes, you will be masturbating to a hot girl cheating on her boyfriend with the sexy neighbor while in others, a broke dude will be willing to give off his girlfriend for the night for a specific specific amount.  Whichever video you pick is no doubt going to arouse your imaginations. 

Final Word

There is absolutely nothing to complain about the quality on Hunt 4K where every video is available in Ultra HD and you can get a good deal on discount. However, the numbers are not as impressive and you will probably blow up the entire collection in a few days. The collection would normally be too small to warrant a membership, but with the bonus videos, it is more than worth it. That said, the site needs to work on their update schedule.

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