How to Have Sex on an Airplane, According to Flight Attendants

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Having sex 30,000 feet high in the air sounds a bit spicy and when you do it, you will feel the rush that you would want in your sex life with your partner. That is why so many people are into having sex on an airplane. But, having sex on a flight can be risky too. 

If you get caught, you will have ramifications that you don’t want apart from the embarrassment of getting caught during the act. Having said that, the number of people joining the Mile High Club is increasing rapidly and you want to join this elite group, right?

How to Have Sex on an Airplane, According to Flight Attendants sex stories real nudity public sex

So, what do you have to do to become a part of this elite group of couples who had sex on the plane without getting caught? Look, it may sound a bit risky. But, that is the part of it. If you don’t feel that anxiousness and adrenaline rush at the same time, why bother doing it?

That is one of the main reasons why so many people like to do it on airplanes. It is one of the best and crazy ways to have public sex. You may have this done in many 18+ movies. So, now the question is how you can do it as well? Well, follow the below-mentioned tips;

Catch a Red-Eye Flight

Look, if you want to have sex on the airplane, the best thing you can do is catch a red-eye flight. Now, the red-eye flight will depart at night and arrive at your desired location in the morning. Therefore, most of the other passengers will be sleeping when the plane departs. 

Therefore, you and your partner will have ample score to do it 30,000 feet high up in the sky. Also, if you can, try to book seats at a spot where there are fewer other passengers. Therefore, you will have the room you want to have sex with your partner. 

You will see many porn videos where two people having sex on the plane at the spot where they seat. Well, they don’t catch red-eye flights. The production creates the setting of an airplane for the shoot. But, you will get such an ambiance when you catch a red-eye flight which can be perfect. 

Start with an Argument

If you fail to catch a red-eye flight and want to do it inside the lavatory of an airplane, then this is what you would have to do. You need to start a fake argument with your partner. You will start yelling at each other and grab the attention of all men and women on the flight including the flight attendants. 

Now, when the yelling goes out of hand, your partner will go to the lavatory, just to get away from you. Remember, all of this will be staged and you and your partner will know about it only. You can find such hot sex tube Jenny Movies that will make you understand the plot and help you act better.

Look, the porn industry has depicted such plots multiple times. So, if you watch those videos, you will have a clear idea in your mind as to how you should act in such circumstances. Remember, you have to make sure that the argument looks intense and real just like in the porn videos. 

Have Sex in the Lavatory

Now, your job is to go after your partner and find her in the lavatory. You too will keep on yelling at each other so that others know that the tension between you and your partner is rising rapidly. You can check out many pornstars in the industry you acted in such videos to know what to do. 

However, as you and your partner keep on arguing with your voice, you two will be having sex. You can go to various porn sites to check out how to have sex even while arguing. And, the best part is, nobody will know that you are partner is having sex. They will think you two are having an intense fight on the airplane. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, look, it is possible to have sex without getting caught on the flight. But, you and your partner have to act very subtly and make sure nobody knows what you two are up to. So, if you are going with the arguing plot, you can practice the act in your house before you implement it on the airplane. In this way, you can’t get caught at all.

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