How To Bring a Girl To Squirt? Top 5 Ways

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<strong>How To Bring a Girl To Squirt? Top 5 Ways</strong> porn blog

As time went by, squirting became more and more popular and the credit must go to the porn industry. But, there is also a negative aspect to this. After watching squirt xxx videos, if you think that squirting and orgasm are the same thing, then it can be a problem for your sex life. Now, you need to understand that not all women can squirt. Even in squirt porn movies, you will see that not all pornstars in the industry can squirt and that is a reality that you need to accept. 

Now, how could you know that your partner will not squirt until you have tried it with her? It's much harder to make a woman squirt than it is to make a man creampie. Most people know that only by inserting fingers inside the vagina, the girl will squirt. But, things are not as easy as you might think. There are many other things that you need to consider and do if you want to successfully make your partner squirt. The free porn movies that you watch on many free porn sites will create a lot of confusion in your mind that you need to clear if you want to make your girl squirt. 

<strong>How To Bring a Girl To Squirt? Top 5 Ways</strong> porn blog

Most men and women are still unaware of squirting and it is a mystery to them. That is why if you want to make your partner squirt then the first thing you need to do is learn about the act of squirting more. The more you gain knowledge the better your chances of you would be to successfully make your partner squirt. Now, there are many ways you can approach your quest to make your partner squirt and in this article, let’s talk about 5 such ways that will help you to bring a girl to squirt. 

Have No Expectations

Your partner needs to be in a good mood if you want to make her squirt. But, if she has the burden of expectations from you that she has to squirt, then how could she squirt? So, it is important not to pressurize her and make sure you have no expectations because it will get rid of any performance pressure you might have.

Prepare for the Mess Properly

One of the very basic things that you need to do is prepare the room properly because squirting can be messy. So, cover up your bed sheet with something so that it doesn’t get messed up. Many girls think about the mess they can create by squirting and thus they fail to squirt. Avoid that added pressure by prepping properly for that action. 

Get Comfortable

Your partner needs to feel comfortable while you work on her to make her squirt. Look, most of the free porn hub videos will not tell you this but you need to create a romantic atmosphere around the room so that your partner feels comfortable and squirts. Play good music or light up the room erotically or light some incense sticks to make the room smell better and make things erotic also. 

<strong>How To Bring a Girl To Squirt? Top 5 Ways</strong> porn blog

Give Time to Foreplay

While trying to make your partner squirt, the biggest mistake that you can ever make is by rushing things. You need to prepare the ground where you will play. That is why give time to the foreplay so that your partner is completely aroused and ready for you to work on her. Foreplay is truly very important and you just have to keep this in mind. 

Stimulate the G-Spot Along with the Clitoris

Most people will tell you to focus on the clitoris. But, you need to focus on the G-spot as well because it is equally important when it comes to making a girl squirt. You can use sex toys to stimulate both the clitoris and G-spot at the same time which will surely take your partner closer to squirting. 

The Bottom Line

Finally, no matter what you have to make sure that your partner feels good when you work on her and for that, you have to use a lubricant that will help you in making her squirt because the lube will make things more pleasurable for your partner. Thus, as you now know how to make your partner squirt, go ahead and apply what you learned.

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