Is your pussy wet?

Is your pussy wet? Is your pussy wet? Is your pussy wet?

Of course my cunt is almost always wet from sex almost daily. It is usually full of cum mixed with my juices. I only douch it out about twice a month using an old fashioned douch bag and hose. I want your cock filling all my holes. Hell if I could I would take every cock up my openings never getting off my back other than to switch positions. I love all cock and that is why I am always wet.


Terry; nice to see you.

I’ve shared my ideas before when asked this same question. First read my virgin bride to slutwife post. Get some ideas from my earlier posts. Talk to her and see where she is at. Share porn sites and videos to discuss your desires. In the end it is up to her.


Need pussy pics

Need pussy pics Need pussy pics Need pussy pics Need pussy pics Need pussy pics

I hope these meet with your approval. I love displaying my pussy in person or all over the web. You are welcome to repost and share if you wish. I wsh I could give my pussy to every person out there.


Oh yes quiet often I hae 2 cocks up my cunt at the same time. I do love being airtight in every way. Sounds like you and I could be sisters. Maybe one day we can hook up together for a really good time.


would you fuck me

would you fuck me would you fuck me would you fuck me would you fuck me

You have a cock don’t you? I love all cock no matter shape size girth length age or color. Of course I will fuck you as well as any other willing partners as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime.

Is the background real or fake, as explained below?

My first thought is HUH or WTF is the question? After reading it several times all I can say is AS FOR ME I AM 100% REAL. All my adventures I share as well as all my pics and videos are all 100% real and a transparent look into who I am as the extreme slutwife I have become. I love putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I truly want to be the best known slutwife ever. I encourage everyone to repost and share everything I post so the expose my further. I enjoy being naked in public or all over the web. Doesn’t matter to me weither it is legal or not to expose myself as for me I believe I should be allowed to share my body any where any how or any way I desire.


flashing fun

Wow very nice. I love flashing hubby and anyone else looking my way. Very nice. Welcome aboard my dear flashing sister. Maybe one day we can hook up and have a time of out slutting each other. Love the pic and the guy on the upper deck looking down checking you out.


Ok now what happens?

Be careful… women do share and talk. I expect your sister in law has already told your wife. Nothing good can come from this even if your sister in law is seriously interested in going further with you. Unless it is okay with your wife do not proceed. If your wife is open to the idea maybe a 3way and later some one on one time with sister in law. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

Cum eating

Sorry but I enjoy it directly from the source. I love being covered in it and all my holes filled with it. So no I have no receipes or other ways to use it. Maybe you can share some ideas. For me there is never enough to save for later.


Hotwife/ cuckold fantasy

Not just yes but HELL YES!!!! Only word of caution is you can’t undo the deed once it is done so know for sure it is YOUR wish to cross that line. For me I love being the extreme slut wife that I am. I must admit in the beginning there was some shame and guilt but once I was past that it is sheer pleasure now. For me I want to be the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime.


How a slut feel face to a dick?

I love all cock no matter size girth length shape color or age. I love being airtight with all my openings filled at once. So I see all cocks as beautiful man tools to be used to pleasure me in every way possible. I admire cocks, desire cocks, want cocks, love cocks. I love how they feel no matter which hole they are filling or in my hands or rubbing against  my tits. I love being covered in cum.

You can find a slut anywhere you can find any woman: in a bar, in a store, at the office, on a beach, in the pool. You just have to be brave enough to approach us. If we are exposing skin I assure you we want you to look.

I hope I answered your question to the fullest. You can always reply with a more detailed question for additional thoughts I may have on cocks and sluts. I hope you find what you are looking for. You know if you ever see me out and about I’m available for whatever you might want to do with an extreme slutwife.

How often do people catch you

How often do people catch you How often do people catch you How often do people catch you

I love public nudity and being seen. I allow myself to be caught. I want to be seen by as many people as possible. I have no clue of the number of people who has seen my nudity in person or as you put it how many has caught me but I’m sure it is well into the thousands at this point.

Hopefully the number is well into the millions when you include the internet and magazines. I want to be the best known slutwife ever. I love putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy. 


How to see nudes pics Has lots of my pics and adventures. There are lots of pics all over this site. Not sure what you are actually asking. Of course you can Google whatever you are looking for. Nude pics are all over the web. Here are a few of mine… How to see nudes pics How to see nudes pics How to see nudes pics


filthy slut

I get this question a lot. I wish I could meet everyone who wants to hook up with me. I do try as we have met hundreds of partners from my presence on different websites. I love meeting new partners. Maybe one day you and I can hook up. Where to meet sluts? On line is a good place. Lots of websites have forums where you can meet other members. We use not only this site but xhamster zoig and others. We use to use which works really well. Of course you can meet at a bar or even while shopping. Just put yourself out there. Talk to women where you meet them. Be a gentleman but drop hints that you want more. Look for slutty dressed women or like me those out in public flashing or in someway putting it out there on display for all to see. I assure you when I am sunbathing naked I am wanting to be not only noticed but hopefully I will attract partners willing to just walk up and have their way with me. Be brave and put yourself out there in time you will meet your own slut if only for a one night stand. You can contact me directly at with more personal information and we can add you to our map of future partners. This site is not a hook up site but for me it has been excellent in finding new partners. Good luck.

Sharing nude wife pictures

Just Google Slutwife and look at all the links being used for the images you find there. You can go to  for links of places to post pics. Of course this site is excellent in getting your materials seen and put on the search engines.

Oh always give permission to have your materials reposted and I assure you they will start popping up everywhere. PLEASE only do this with your wife’s knowledge. Once out there you can’t get it back.

Good luck and welcome to your new home for like minded couples.


New to this,do you think I will attract much interest any comments ?

New to forums or to posting revealing pictures of yourself? Welcome either way. We can’t have too many like minded slutwives sharing this site exposing themselves and sharing their adventures.

I love all the exposure this site as well as others has brought to me as I try to be the best known slutwife ever. It thrills me to know I can excite so many people I most likely will never meet in person. I love reading and replying to any comments. I enjoy putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy.

Only word of warning is once you put it out there it is out there forever. There is no turning back. My materials have been copied shared and reposted so much it blows my mind. I’m loving all the exposure but I’m also aware it will be out there long after I’m died and gone. But that also excites me knowing even years from now my materials will still be getting guys off.

So again welcome.