posting pics

Are a few sites with a lot of my pics and videos. You are welcome to repost any and all of them everywhere you find a place to share them. I love being exposed everywhere. I want to be the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime.

Please post with my name Terry Webb and the term slutwife. I love to Google that and find new places where I am exposed.

If you are wanting to post your own pics these are great websites but zoig does put their logo on your pics making them harder for others to repost without editing out the logo. However Zoig themselves repost to lots of other sites so it helps for exposure. Of course my favorite is right here on flashingjungle where they posted my story here:

Terry Webb virgin bride to slut wife history

You can copy each link and check them all out. If you wish you can email me directly at and I will share more personally with you.

Thank you

Jerking off

Jerking off

Not sure if you mean you need me to take matters into my hands or not lol…. Most guys figure out how to jerk off at an early age without instructions. If you mean you need my pics and videos just google me Terry Webb slutwife and a lot will come up to jerk off to. My adventures and pics are posted on this site for you o jerk off too. I’m sure you can find someone to help if you need it.

My wife is slut

Ok another thought…. you call your wife a slut and how she is fucking a stranger. Are you actually saying she is having an affair with a single guy she obviously knows but is a stranger to you? Are you actually asking how to win your wife back from her affair?

Ok if you know my story you already know I strayed and had an affair. I was mean to my hubby and tried to run him off. I wouldn’t allow him to touch me nor see any nudity from me. I was gone a lot to be with the other man. Hubby suspected and affair and wrote me letters telling me how much he still loved me and would even work to restore our marriage if I was having an affair. He cleaned house and was the super husband any woman would want to have. We had kids and I knew I was tearing them apart too. So finally when he caught me trying to kill myself (I couldn’t stand the guilt) I finally confessed my affair and was surprised he seemed to have already pieced it together including who I was having the affair with.

I begged to return to our marriage and promised to do anything to remain in our marriage. I’m sure had he wished for me to be the faithful wife that I would have but instead he set up the blindfolded gangbang so he could actually see me as the slut I had become in his eyes. After that first gangbang it was easy to grow more and more slutty and to please my hubby as well as myself in this new lifestyle of being the biggest slut I can be.

So if you truly want her back and can love her as your wife and not think of her as a slut then just maybe you can win her back as the faithful wife you desire. Write her love letters and win her back. Clean house wash clothes and dishes. Let her know even if she is being unfaithful that you are willing to take her back. Especially if you have kids remind her how much the children need her. In time it is up to her as to who she chooses. I wish you the best.

I still stand behind my first answer too. You both can truly enjoy her becoming the biggest slut possible and enjoying all that brings. You can fulfill all your darkest fantasies. So I still encourage you to encourage her to grow as a slut.

Email me at if you wish to share more details. I hope it all works out for you both.

My wife is slut

Why stop her? Encourage more and enjoy her being a slut for you. My hubby loves how big a slut I’ve become and not only encourages it but sets up our adventures for even harder and nastier sexual adventures for us.

If you want a faithful wife and she has already strayed then maybe it is time for a new wife. You can’t have a faithful wife and a slut at the same time. I hope you will embrace her slutty lifestyle and encourage it. You will both enjoy life and sex in all new ways.

Maybe she would let you take pics and videos to share on this site or others so everyone can enjoy her slutty ways. I know I love as much public exposure as possible.

I’m sorry I can’t help you stop her as that is on her. Good luck. I hope you will let us know how much things has gotten better either way.

Plz help me

Plz help me Plz help me Plz help me

If you only want sex and wish to meet up with a slut you can always use the different websites such as and many others. You can also do the bar scene. It isn’t that hard to see who is looking to get laid in a bar. Otherwise it is the old dating scene and after enough dates finally getting into her pants.

You can contact me directly at and maybe we can hook up. We travel for business and we could be in your area sometime. I always enjoy meeting new partners. I love all cock no matter age color or size.

Good luck with your hunt for available pussy. I hope you find as much as you desire.

Fear anal sex

Fear anal sex Fear anal sex Fear anal sex

I love being airtight which of course is having a cock up my ass in my pussy and in my mouth with others rubbing against my tits. So for me I enjoy anal. I must admit as a virgin bride it took me a long time to allow anal. First it seemed dirty and wrong. I thought it would hurt. But after hubby used his finger up my butt during oral and later used a vib up my butt during intercourse I decided to try anal and found I liked it.

So I assume most women are like I was. They think it is dirty and wrong. Might be religious but because it is a shithole literally it just seems dirty. I’m sure once they try it most will find it is almost as nice as being penetrated in the vagina.

I remember anal was almost as difficult for me as my first blow job for my hubby. I felt it degraded me and made me feel like a slut long before I embraced being a true slut. So introduce it slowly such as licking her asshole during oral and inserting your finger. That is how it started for me.

Hope you enjoyed my ass pics.

How can i big more of a slut in public 4 my husband

How can i big more of a slut in public 4 my husband How can i big more of a slut in public 4 my husband How can i big more of a slut in public 4 my husband How can i big more of a slut in public 4 my husband

Wow such a wonderful question. Have you read my post here:

It tells how I went from being a virgin bride to a slutwife. It is the most detailed history I have ever shared publicly of how I became the slut I am today. If you haven’t read it please do. There are a lot of details of how to put yourself out there as a true slut. I am sharing the above pics to demonstrate ways to be more slutty. First dress the part. I love being fully nude in public places especially on the beach as you see in the 3rd pic. Here I am sunbathing next to the intercoastal waterway next to a public pier where fishermen as well as boaters can easily see my naked body.

Top pic is an altered swimsuit where I removed the inner liner to allow it to be more see thru. If I must wear a swimsuit at least I am still putting it all out there on display. Bottom pic is my little mini dress I like to wear out to the mall or out to eat. As you see it is very short and exposes my pussy both by being sheer as well as so short allowing great upskirt views. I ride up the escalator or glass elevator to allow a better view.

The 2nd pic is how I love exposing myself as we are traveling. I wear little or nothing at all to allow people in passing vehicles to enjoy my exposure. You will also note it is a very short mini dress that I am wearing that buttons up the front (allows for wardrobe malfunctions). I usually slip off the little panties or pull the shiny silk thong up into my pussy and butt to allow that type of upskirt view.

Post your pics and videos all over the web as well as posting your adventures for everyone to read about.

Of course being open to all sorts of sexual acts with as many partners as possible truly makes you the slut you desire to be. Allow guys to feel you up on the dance floor or rub suntan lotion all over you when sunbathing. When you have had an evening of sex DON’T bath or wash up. Instead go out in public to a restaurant or walk the mall or other public place wearing something like my mini black dress allowing that creampie to run down your thighs. The dry cum on your cheek and in your hair clearly visible and that after sex smell radiating some distance from you. I assure you will hear the word slut several times as you are walking about in public immediately after sex without cleaning up.

Have fun put it out there for all to enjoy and don’t be afraid to try all things sexual at least once. If you like it you can do it often. If it isn’t your thing (such as scat play isn’t something I ever care to do again) than don’t repeat that act ever again. You might be surprised. For me I was amazed that I enjoy pain mixed with sex and enjoy extreme torture but without being open to trying it all I would have never known. Of course public exposure and humiliation was something that I never expected to enjoy either until hubby undressed me in the car during a beach trip as I slept. When I did wake up I pretended to be asleep as he continued to expose my naked body to passing vehicles (the full story is in the virgin bride to slutwife link I shared earlier). I was surprised at how much it excited me and was the start of my exposing myself in public as well as the start of my slutty ways.

I hope all of this helped but if you would like to contact me directly email me at and maybe we can get together and go out being slutty together. I’m sure our hubbies would love seeing us trying to out do each other. We can also enjoy some wonderful spouse swapping and other 4some excitement.

More of a statement

More of a statement More of a statement More of a statement

Thank you I’m glad you like what you see. I enjoy putting it all out there for all to see either on the web or in public places as I love public exposure. Share my images everywhere as I want to be the best known slut wife ever as well as setting the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I enjoy getting guys hard. Maybe one day we can meet soon and you can have your way with me.

Creampie or pussylick vid/ pics

Creampie or pussylick vid/ pics Creampie or pussylick vid/ pics

Here are a couple of my pussy pics. I have my pics and videos posted all over the web. Just Google my name Terry Webb slutwife or my name followed by about any word such as naked or exposed or even pornstar. Lots of videos and pics will pop up. I am trying to be the best known slutwife ever as well as having set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I am limited in what I can post here. Enjoy your treasure hunt as you Google search for more of me.

why many girls love cocks

why many girls love cocks why many girls love cocks

That is what I’m here for. Ask me anything and I will give you an honest answer no matter how personal or kinky it might be. You can also contact me directly at if you wish.

I am a true slut wife in every way, open to all things sexual. No limits no safe words from straight vanilla sex to extreme hardcore fetishes including torture humiliation public exposure bondage BDSM anal group you name it and most likely I’ve already tried it. I will be more than happy to discuss any form of sex and what I think about it or even how it felt to me.

So ask away about anything I look forward to chatting more with you.

will u f**k me

will u f**k me

You know my desire to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime so certainly I will fuck you. I enjoy having as many new partners as possible as often as possible no matter male or female. No matter age size girth length color I love all cock. Contact me directly at and we will work out a time to fuck.

how to make a girl eager for sex?

The sad truth is some women just isn’t interested in anything sexual. Could be their upbringing or background maybe even religious but again sadly some women are just cold sexual. Good news is so was I when I was first married. If you read my virgin bride to slut wife history adventure posted here

You can see even a cold fish can warm up. Dont pressure her. Just romance the hell out of her with nice dinners movies etc. Maybe introduce some porn movies if she is willing. Talk about it and in time she will open her legs to you. Once a women really enjoys herself sexually it becomes a need much like it is to a man I’m sure.

Open relationships

Open relationships

Toys are easy. I have a huge collection of toys both actual adult toys bought from adult stores or on the internet. is a good source for extreme toys. We also use hardware tools and even such things as an electric fly swatter or feather duster. But I assume from your question you actually mean including other people in your sexual time. I’ve found if the husband has friends even remotely interested in his wife that you can invite those friends out for a few drinks and back to your place for a movie or cards or whatever. Cards can become strip poker (cheat to make wife loss clothing) or a movie with lots of nudity. Wife wears her nighty to get comfortable for the movie and becomes touchy feely with hubby and then the other guys. I assure you no man will turn down free no strings attached pussy.

You can advertise on lots of different websites for other couples or single guys. I’ve found you can easily get guys this way and a few couples (few single ladies however). Adultfriendfinder worked for us back in the day. Haven’t used it in a long time. Craigslist use to work well too.

Send me an email at and maybe we can hook up too. If you guys as a couple are interested I assure you finding willing partners is easy.

How u are bold to flash ass and boobs in public?

How u are bold to flash ass and boobs in public? How u are bold to flash ass and boobs in public?

Here is once again the full story of how I first learned I was an exhibitionist…..

Okay it is a given if you enjoy this site you must enjoy public exposure on some level BUT my question is how many folks here truly enjoy exposing themselves in public? Do you prefer to see others being exposed? For me I love being exposed in public. It all started shortly after we were married when we were on a fairly long drive home from the beach. I wore only a button down shirt (no bra), loose fitting shorts and flip flops.

As I was riding in the passenger seat, I dozed off. My seat was back and I was enjoying a snooze. Hubby went to work and unbuttoned my shirt exposing my breasts to passing truckers. Some how as I was still out he had my shirt completely off and on the floor. My shorts were pulled down just enough that my mount was in plain view. Unknown to my hubby I finally realized what he was doing and to my surprise it excited me. I even rolled towards the window to allow a better view for passing vehicles.

Hubby worked on my shorts as I rolled in my chair allowing him to fully remove them as he thought I was still snoozing. I actually climaxed and wet the seat (unknown to hubby) as I realized I was being exposed for every one to see. Hubby passed buses and truckers supper slow and even blew his horn to get the attention of the driver. I saw thumbs up signs and heard truck air horns of approval. My seat was now super wet like I had peed on myself. I could not believe how exciting it was.

As we neared home I finally admitted my part in the production and asked hubby how he planned to redress me and not letting me find out what he had been up too. He admitted that he hadn’t thought that far ahead. I then promised a real show for the next trucker before turning off the highway.

As we slowly passed a dump truck I turned side ways in my chair facing the window legs spread wide as I masturbated for the driver to watch. Our turn was coming up so we passed the truck and went off our exit. To my surprise the dump truck followed. Hubby turned into a gas station long since closed. Being late he parked under a street light next to the building. The truck followed us into the parking lot and drove up next to my side of the car. He rolled down his window and took out his camera. I opened my door to allow him a better view. I got so into masturbating and putting on a show I wasn’t watching the trucker. He had gotten down from his truck and was now standing between my legs jerking off. It was only when he started cumming on my pussy mound and even my belly and breasts that I noticed he was there. I screamed and slammed my door accidently giving his Johnson a good slap with the door.

Hubby was still in the driver seat with a huge grin on his face. I told him to get us out of there. I had never been with another man but my hubby before and I felt cheap but excited all at the same time. Hubby and I had been trying to get pregnant for some time now to my surprise hubby was using his fingers to push this other man’s cream inside of my vagina.

When I asked what he was doing he explained he was turned on by the thought that this stranger might have impregnated me. WOW was he really okay with that? It actually excited me as I too finished pushing as much of this other man’s cum into my snatch. I was still naked when we pulled into the driveway. I was also very excited. I begged hubby to take me right there and right then on the hood of the car. I didn’t care if all our neighbors saw us. I practically pulled hubby out of the car as I got onto the hood of the car. He dropped his shorts and made love to me right then. We both climaxed very quickly as we were already so turned on.

You guessed it. Yes 9 months later. Doesn’t matter we will always believe it to be a reminder of one of our best sexual memories. To this day I enjoy nude car trips. We’ve stepped it up to include going through a fast food drive thru with me fully naked to my being nude in the bed of the pick up truck as hubby drives the highways allowing truckers and any larger vehicle to see me fully exposed. I’ve also taken toys with us to put on little shows.

So this is how it started for me. I learned I love to be exposed in public for every one to see. That is why my pictures are posted all over the web and in many magazines. I will try to be at least topless if not nude on any beach we visit. I’ve even worn nothing but paint into stores before. Hubby will paint what looks like a swimsuit top and shorts on my body and I see how many looks I get of people realizing it is only paint.

So how many of you enjoy truly exposing yourselves and please share how you got into it. The above images were taken a different time as no photos were taken that first time. Now I dont even think about it. I am almost always naked when we travel. Watch out for me. You might see me on a highway near you.

Hoping for no judgement

Never any judgment from me. Have you simply shared your feelings with her? Most women like a straight honest discussion about feelings I assure you. Ask her out for lunch (a lunch date is easier than a dinner date to get things started). See if she feels the same way. Basically treat her like a lady and be a gentleman. If she is interested she will let you know. Yes I still believe in romance as well as one night stands.

How u are bold to flash ass and boobs in public?

How u are bold to flash ass and boobs in public? How u are bold to flash ass and boobs in public?

If you have read my virgin bride to slut wife history posted on this site here than you know how my hubby undressed me in our vehicle (while I was sleeping to start with) revealing my naked body to all passing vehicles. It was a huge turn on and it grew from there. I had an affair and promised hubby I would do anything to remain married and that grew into the full slutwife I am today. That is the short version of the story. I encourage you to read the full story at the link I provided.