around relatives

around relatives around relatives around relatives

No I do not hide my nudity from anyone and Yes most family members are aware of my lifestyle is my most simplistic answer. Most of my family are even aware of how extreme my lifestyle really is…..

If you have read my many posts here on this site where I share many of my adventures than you already know the answer. I love public exposure and putting myself out there for all to see and enjoy. It doesn’t matter who is around. I even have an album filled with my nude photos on our coffee table that any visitor can flip through. There are 11 x 14 framed nudes of me hanging in my hubby’s man cave and in our bedroom. So if relatives have ever visited our home my nudity is everywhere. I also sunbath nude during family vacations never caring who sees my naked body whether it is complete strangers, close friends,  or even family members. A few of my family members are even ok with their own nudity around me and will join me in sunbathing swimming or whatever activity we are enjoying in our birthday suits.

I want to be the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I want my naked body to be the most seen naked body ever. If I could get my naked photos on every website,  in every museum, on every billboard, in every magazine, I would do it in a heartbeat. If I had my wish everybody in the world would see my photos and videos sometime during their lifetime. Hopefully a lot of guys and gals will use me to masturbate and dream about. So it doesn’t matter who sees my nudity family members or not, young or old, male or female. I want everyone to see my nudity preferably in person in a public place but if that isn’t possible at least on the web or published in magazines or anywhere else they can be displayed. Thus I always give my permission for them to be reposted and shared by everyone everywhere in every way possible.

Am I a slut?

How long ago did this event happen? Was it a one time only group sex activity you were a part of? I mean if you really love sex and this is only one example of how much you enjoy new partners and being watched by others than yes I would say you are not only a slut but well on your way to being an extreme slut such as myself.

However if it was only a one time event especially if it happened some time ago and now you remain true and faithful to one guy than no I would not say one event alone makes you a slut for life. I’m sure all those involved in the event you shared would say you were a slut and they most likely branded you as such in telling others of how they enjoyed being sexual with you. But again no one event in a person’s life defines who they are.

I guess at this point in your life do you want to be a slut or not. If you don’t want to be a slut than live your life true to your partner. If you do wish to be a slut well I assure you very few men will turn down free pussy and you could have as many new partners as often as you desire.

Have you taste the cum?

Have you taste the cum? Have you taste the cum?

I love all cock no matter size shape girth length age or color. If you have been following my adventures and answers here you already know I especially enjoy lots of cock all at once filling all my openings at once and covering my body in that wonderful warm man cream.

I especially enjoy it when a group of young black studs are extremely rough with me, using me as their cum dump, like a piece of meat, no even human. They are slapping my tits ass face leaving me red head to toe and especially raw in my ass and pussy. They show no mercy no matter how much pain they inflict. They are holding me down inviting all bystanders to take a turn with their bitch making a real show of how much they own this bitch.

They not only fuck the hell out of all my openings with their cocks but they use objects of all kinds to cram up my cunt and asshole. They bound my tits until they are huge purple mushrooms finding all kinds of ways to torture them. When they are finally done they just leave me naked on the edge of the surf. All the pictures and videos they took will be plastered all over the internet for all to see how big a slut wife whore I am.

So basically I fulfill all your fantasies as well as all your buddies fantasies you ever had of using a woman in the cruelest ways possible.

Show boobs

Show boobs Show boobs Show boobs

Just a few different angles for you to enjoy. If you have followed my posts here as well as elsewhere, my tits are on display all over the web. Just Google Terry Webb slutwife for lots more.

is it proliferant to do

is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do is it proliferant to do Wow great question….  as you know I love public exposure and putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy. Whether it’s a quick flash of my tits or full nudity I enjoy showing my body off in public. It is extremely exciting for me. Even after years of putting myself on public display it still turns me on every time I put myself out there. I ALWAYS get wet between my legs, my heart rate goes up, the thrill remains. Maybe it is because I am showing it all off to a whole new group of people or maybe it is the naughtiness of it. I’m not completely sure why it is so thrilling to me. It might be partly how much it excites my hubby and I love turning him on and being his extreme slutwife.

I quess I just answered what my mood is. I feel slutty, sexy, naughty, like a bad girl, and so much more. I love feeling the freedom of being naked. Not only the heat of the sun, the coolness of the breeze or water, just how my skin feels when it is naked and bare in nature. It is so liberating and fresh. But even indoors it is the freedom of being me without hiding even behind a stitch of clothing. I’m not hiding anything. Even my flaws are on display for all to see. I am proud to be the slutwife I am and displaying it for all to see. So you see it isn’t purely sexual though I love it when my nudity invites sexual touching from strangers. I put it all out there for everyone to see but I also put it out there as an invitation for anyone courageous enough to take me and use me as the slut wife whore I am. I love for complete strangers to be turned on by my naked body or tit flash. I want them to want me. I am hoping they will act on their desire and just grab me and do with me as they will. 

Oh and to answer your question of how often do I flash or expose myself publicly? As often as possible would be my answer but honestly if I had my way I would never wear anything ever again. I prefer to be naked as the day I was born. Usually around the house I am naked and on most of our drives away from home I am fully naked or at least topless in the car. If I must wear clothes I prefer them to be revealing in some way: sheer, low cut; short skirts, no undies. But out of respect for the situation and location I may be located I will wear appropriate clothing. But I do prefer to be naked especially in public inviting not only everyone to see my nudity but also to fulfill any fantasies that my nudity might have brought to their mind.

So to everyone reading this>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS IS YOUR PERMISSION >>>>> My contract with all of you>>>>>> Please please please if you see me in person anywhere anytime you have not only my permission but it is my desire that you fulfill every fantasy you ever had of just grabbing a strange woman and using her as your personal slut. No introductions no words need to be exchanged beyond trash talk. Use whatever amount of force roughness brutally or gentleness you prefer in your taking me as your sex toy. I honestly put it out there to be used as the slut wife whore I am. Hugs and kisses, Terry Webb 


Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Hell loving sex is natural. A manic or for that matter a nymphomaniac are only words. For example I love being a true slut wife in every way. I wear the title of slutwife as a badge of honor. However most women most likely would not care to be called sluts even if they were one. It is a word that can be offensive to some folks. But for me I love being called a slut. That is why I enjoy going out in public immediately after sex still covered and dripping man cream smelling of sex and wearing as little as possible. I want to hear people calling me a slut. I love being publicly exposed as a slut thus I enjoy public nudity anywhere and as often as possible if not in person at least all over the web. I enjoy sex as often as possible with as many different partners as possible. I want to be the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I love sex so if you or anyone else wants to call me a maniac or for that matter a nymphomaniac it doesn’t matter. I am what I am, a slutwife whore and proud of it.

Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex?

Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex? Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex? Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex?

I believe the most often asked question I get is to share about my riskiest place I have ever had sex. I have already shared in other posts about the museum, lots of beaches, public restrooms, pools, in elevators after pushing all the buttons to stop on every floor, lots of outdoor locations even how I was almost arrested in the Virgin islands. Yet I continue to find even more riskier spots where I can enjoy public exposure and even sex in public as I put it all out there on display to be seen and enjoyed.

Now to share a few more interesting locations I have enjoyed exposing myself and having sex in public. One recent occasion was at the ball park. What is more American than a ball park especially Yankee Stadium? Yes Yankees Stadium in New York City. You see I wanted to flash on that big screen in center field for everyone in the ball park to see. And if I were really lucky I would be seen on national live TV. Sadly that never worked out as I had planned. I was sitting in the nosebleed section out near the flagpole. Cheap tickets for a reason, too far from the field and the cameras.

During the National Anthem I unbuttoned my shirt and dropped it onto my seat fully exposing my bare breasts in hopes that I was near enough to the flagpole to be seen. Seen not only by the fans sitting near me but hopefully even by the tv cameras. Obviously I was seen by those sitting near me evidenced by all the hooting and cheering. Sadly I wasn’t seen by the tv cameras nor did I get on that big screen in center field. Instead I had a couple of security guards threatening to throw me out of the park if I didn’t keep my clothes on to the boos of those closest to me. I honored that request not wanting to be removed from the park. I did however leave my shirt unbuttoned allowing my breasts to peek out every time I jumped up and cheered.

After a few beers what is a woman to do? Yes I had to use the restroom. Way too many women in the long line waiting for the ladies room so I decided to use the men’s restroom. No lines no waiting. I saw why once I was in the restroom, there was a trough in the floor all the way across one wall. No privacy as guys just walked up, whipped it out, and took a piss. It was quick and easy for these guys to get in and out unlike the ladies room. I quickly got over my appreciation of why the men’s room was more efficient and did what I needed to do. I dropped my shorts to my ankles, squatted over the trough, and started pissing a river. My shirt was still unbuttoned so my breasts were peeking out as I was paying more attention to not falling into the trough.

I looked around as I was finishing up to see all eyes were on me. A couple of guys were either brave enough or just plain had to go bad enough they were peeing on either side of me. The guy on my right must have been brave enough because he reached over and grabbed my breast, squeezing it and playing with my nipple. Not to be out done I grabbed his penis and started stroking it before putting it in my mouth to suck him off. The guy on my left now wanted into the action and grabbed my other breast and was fingering my pussy. In short order the guy on my right blew his load in my mouth on my face and down my chest. Now everywhere I looked there were cocks in my face. I grabbed the closest ones in each hand and had one in my mouth. Other guys were jerking themselves off or had their cellphones out taking pictures.

After sucking off countless guys and being covered in man cream it was becoming very uncomfortable trying to squat and still play with all those cocks. I moved to a stall where one lucky guy was sitting on the throne. He had been watching all the action and was jerking off. I straddled him and impaled myself on his hard cock just in time for another guy to ram his hard cock up my ass. We continued for a short while but this too wasn’t very comfortable. I let each one finish before moving to the empty stall over. I left the door open bent over the toilet allowing several more guys to take me from behind in whichever hole they preferred. The bathroom was now crammed full of guys with hardly any room to wiggle. I was sure I would be found out by security again and I certainly didn’t want to be removed from the park. So disappointing my fans and admirers I pulled my shorts back up and made my way towards the exit. My shirt was still unbuttoned so my breasts were still getting a workout with all the groping going on. It seemed these guys didn’t mind that my tits were still covered in so much spunk that my shirt was soaked and sticking to me.

I finally got to the door and made my way back to my seat the whole time looking around for security afraid word had gotten out about my little adventure in the men’s restroom. I was covered in the evidence and smelling like a whore house. Either no one noticed or they simply didn’t care. Once I was back in my seat I still left my shirt unbuttoned thus allowing my tits to peek out anytime I jumped up to cheer. I was still hoping to get on that big center field screen. To my dismay it was not to be. Instead I had to settle for one last flash as the game ended and leaving my shirt unbuttoned as we left the stadium. Of course this invited more groping as we made our way to the transportation area for our ride back to the city. Still feeling nasty I wrapped a blanket around hubby and myself so we could discreetly make love concealed from any port authority security measures. I simply sat in his lap the whole ride back. My shorts moved to the side just enough to allow his cock to be buried deep inside of my very wet womanhood. The motion of the rail was enough for both of us to climax as quietly as each of us could manage. When we arrived at our stop we stood up together allowing his less than fully erect penis to easily slide back into his shorts and my shorts to fall back into place. Remembering my shirt was still unbuttoned I grabbed each side to proudly flash everyone before exiting the car. We ran to the subway exit my tits swinging and peeking out of my shirt as we kept watching to see if anyone was after us. We made it to our motel without incident where we enjoyed another round of fairly vanilla style sex before a nice long shower and finally some rest spooning until morning.

Now to figure out how to make it to that big screen next time or even better to get my tits on live national TV. I love putting it all out there on display for all to see and enjoy. I love being a slut wife in every way.

So curious

So curious So curious So curious So curious So curious

Wow what an interesting question especially the way you ask it. First off I don’t really think of myself as being a young lady anymore but you could say I did start when I was young. If you have read my many other posts detailing our many adventures then you already know my first experience with public nudity wasn’t voluntary.

During a ride home while I was sleeping hubby unbuttoned and then even removed my shirt fully exposing my bare breasts to all passing vehicles. He then worked on removing my shorts until he had me fully naked in the passenger seat. I had awoken as he was working on my shorts but pretended to be sleeping mostly to see how far he would go. Long story short [please read my virgin bride to slut wife history post]…. this public display of my naked body really turned me on more than I could ever have imagined possible.

It is what started it all for me. It is the thrill of being seen maybe even the possibility of getting into trouble. My first thought that comes into my head good question…. I guess it is a mixture of sexual excitement causing a wetness between my legs as well as a small amount of shame or guilt maybe mixed with some fear of being in serious trouble but mostly it is simply exciting and even liberating, a whole new level of freedom to be naked period much less naked in public places.

I love being seen naked in public to be fully exposed with as many eyes on me as possible especially if I am actually engaged in sexual activity in public with people cheering me on or even joining in. I guess it is when I feel especially slutty. At this point I can never get enough public exposure that is why I also post nude pics and videos of myself all over the web, begging people to repost and share all my materials so I can become the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime.

For me I guess public exposure either in person or on the web helps define me as the true slut wife whore I want so desperately to be known for. A title I wear with pride or a badge of honor so to speak, the title of slutwife.

I hope this fully answers your question. If you would like to discuss it even more fully email me at and I would be happy to discuss it.

Just submitted my first 2 pics

Just submitted my first 2 pics

Welcome avid “flasher and hotwife”. It is always nice to have other slut wives join in the fun here. I love the attention my pics and materials get here. I love public exposure as I put it all out there for all to see. I try to be as transparent as possible when I answer questions or give opinions. Hopefully my openness and honesty in sharing my adventures will help encourage others to join in the slut wife lifestyle.

Yes I am here all the time. Ready to answer all questions or share my opinion. So if I can ever be of help to you or any one reading this you can ask me anything here publicly on this site or email me directly at for a more private communication.

Use me as the slut wife whore I am, Terry Webb

more common or less hidden?

more common or less hidden?

I believe it is like when you buy a new car. Before you bought it you never noticed how many of that type of car was on the road. After you bought it suddenly they are everywhere. I think it is because you are actually looking for them you are finding them. I for one really haven’t noticed a difference.

hot wives wardrobe

I enjoy putting it all out there for all to see either total nudity or at the very least wearing revealing outfits. As for teeshirts advertising anything not really for me. I love all cock no matter color size shape or age but I don’t need to advertise it. I simply make myself available to anyone interested in fucking me.

I do like cutting a teeshirt in such a way to reveal my breasts such as low cut in front or down the sides. A very thin almost sheer teeshirt works too.

What would you do?

You are welcome to introduce her to me. My direct email address is and we can share that way. I love to fulfill all fantasies. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a bar wearing a sheer top and very short skirt, nothing else showing off every thing I have. I love watching guys checking me out as well as the ladies. I love your fantasy and hope your wife will fulfill it for you.

Please don’t pressure her or nag her about it. I’m sure in time she can work up to it. Maybe like me enjoy showing it all off. I usually get lots of requests for dances and on the dancefloor I get felt up and groped everything including actually fucking sometimes right there on the dancefloor or the pool table or sometimes on the bar. I love being the center of attention.

Be careful what you ask for. She might really like it and become a full on slut like me. You can’t go back once you cross that line.

Advice on sex

Advice on sex

Here it is cum and get it. My legs are open to all throbbing and willing cocks. I never get enough and want to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I’m sure you will find a willing slut if you truly want that. No you are not a bad person but remember once you cross that line you can never uncross it. I’m sorry your wife isn’t meeting your needs and from what I understand few wives do meet their husbands needs sexual so you aren’t alone.

Do most women have a rape fantasy?

Do most women have a rape fantasy? Do most women have a rape fantasy? Do most women have a rape fantasy?

As for me I have fulfilled that fantasy for so many guys I can’t tell you how many times I have been raped. Hubby sets up our adventures and we have found a lot of guys want to fulfill that fantasy. I never know when or where my next rape will happen and I honestly would never know if it were a real rape or another one that my hubby arranged for someone wanting that fantasy fulfilled. I have been raped by single guys as well as gang raped. They have been super rough and sometimes very gentle almost too polite to be a rape. I must admit I love every one of them and especially enjoy the super rough group gang rapes. I like being held down in a public place with cocks very forcefully rammed up every hole and gagging me so far down my throat. But I can’t speak for all women. I know several girlfriends say they would like to live thru a forceful sexual experience. So maybe most women do fantasize about it.