Rob Crook(RobCrook) RobertPaulCrook nothing to hide here!!

Rob Crook(RobCrook) RobertPaulCrook nothing to hide here!! real nudity dick flash

When me and LittleLisa started dating Lisa(Crook) would let me take nude pictures almost every time we made love (had sex).i eventually had a collection of about 350 different explicit images of us.very shortly after I started posting the pictures online on various internet porn sites…not long after Lisa found out that I was uploading our pictures and absolutely lost her shit!i mean pissed right the fuck off! She made me delete all the images off my phone and promise that I would never do it again.from that day forward Lisa has never taken another naked picture 😢 needless to say I eventually went back online and found some of the pics that I had posted and started posting them again.of Course Lisa found out again,completely freaked out and made me get marriage counseling. Sooo now that we got that out of the way ….I have posted a few pictures of me naked just to even the score a bit.I mean it’s only fair if there is a couple naked pics of me online…I think life is to short to not do what makes you feel good! Oh ya and I have a ongoing problem with thinking it’s okay to post my wife Lisa’s naked pics but after counselling I now no why I do it!but that’s for another time!

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