What is your earliest memories of anything remotely sexual?


I read you were a virgin when you got married but I would like to know if you did anything sexual before marriage. What are your earliest memories of anything remotely sexual for example did you see some boy’s cock as a teenager or even watch a porn flick?

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What is your earliest memories of anything remotely sexual? What is your earliest memories of anything remotely sexual? What is your earliest memories of anything remotely sexual? What is your earliest memories of anything remotely sexual?

The above pics were taken very shortly after we were married using a Polaroid Instamatic Camera that instantly within one minute printed a single photo. Hubby asked me to take a few pics and assured me no one would ever see them. They were for his eyes only. But I willingly share them here now with you as well as having posted them all over the web. I love showing my teenage body to the world and I’m so glad I posed for these. Now I wish I was more of an extreme slutwife then so I could have enjoyed that body just as much as I am enjoying my body now. I wish I had a lot more pictures and videos of me then. But any way to answer your question…… 

Growing up I had much older brothers whose friends were always hitting on me even though I had a boyish figure. Hell my breasts weren’t even a full A cup when I was married. I was a late bloomer. My parents were NOT faithful but were always cheating on each other constantly looking for ways to get rid of me so they could have their flings. I was so naive that until my early teens I changed into my swimsuit in the bath house right along with the guys never really looking at them nor realizing we were different. I honestly never really looked at them. As my breasts started to grow and my pubic hair started to grow I became self conscious and noticed how they were watching me and even making cat calls so I stopped changing with the guys. That is the extent of my boy girl relationships except a few dates with 4 different guys before I met my husband. Yes they all tried to grab my breasts or rub my crotch. Well all but my husband that is. He never tried any of it. I would never allow them to get what they wanted and needless to say they would soon lose interest. While dating my hubby I asked him to massage my back for me and I removed my top. I was still wearing shorts and I kept my back to him. We were in his apartment. When I purposely turned to allow him full view of my breasts he told me he was very tempted but that he didn’t want to ruin our relationship or cross that line. I fell deeply in love with him right then and there because unlike every other guy he respected me. He was the only guy I showed myself too on purpose. Hubby and I always had a wonderful relationship except during my affair.

I guess as you see I had little experience with anything remotely sexual before marriage. Thinking back I do remember playing tag football with my brothers and their friends. I remember now how touchy feelly their friends got. Never thought of it as sexual at the time though. As for any porn I ever saw before I was married there is the memory of looking at a playboy magazine I found in my Dad’s room. Of course it was very mild by today’s standards but it did scare me. I barely looked at it. All I remember is naked pictures of women. They all had big breasts and pubic hair. I had neither. It did make me think that was what all real women were supposed  to look like.

My only sex talk from my parents were don’t sleep with boys or you will get pregnant. Hell that was very scary advice. The time we vacationed with friends and we young kids slept in the same room (boys and girls) I just knew I was pregnant because I had slept with boys. I was in high school in sex ed before I knew anything about sex. 

Well I hope I have fully answered your question. I covered a lot of my life in answering it. Maybe more than you were expecting but I try to be fully open and transparent in all my answers.

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