Hello everyone,

I’m glad I found this forum as I’ve never shared this information in front of anyone except my wife. I’m currently 31, and my wife is a 28 year old platinum blonde 5’6 120lbs. Honestly, she is really hot. 

Anyways, we have been married for 7 years and have an amazing sex life. Early on in our dating experience, she told me that she used to be a complete slut in and right after high school. She was a cheerleader, incredibly popular, really enjoyed flirting. At first, when she told me these stories, I would get secretly jealous. I would just laugh them off and not try to be made that my girl was a complete slut before I met her. Anyways, she eventually told me about a time when she had a threesome with a two of these guys during the start of her senior year. She said that it was a set up, and the plan was to get her a little tipsy in hopes that she would be down to fuck. She basically knew what was up and pretended to go along with it. After a couple of drinks she was horny as hell (I know because she only drinks about twice a year). One thing led to another and she started by sucking each cock. Then they basically sit roasted her, taking turns between her mouth and pussy until they both eventually came in her.

After awhile, this story, and many others like it got me incredibly aroused. The next thing I knew I was fantasizing about my wife getting fucked by another guy or being in the middle of a threesome. About five years ago, I mentioned this little fantasy. I was shocked that she wasn’t appalled. She said that she sometimes misses being slutty, seeing which guys she could get to fuck her really turned her on. One day I made the comment that it would be super hot for her to fuck another guy. She told me that my fantasy wasn’t strange, and that she actually found it really hot. During this time, I experienced an issue. While thinking about my wife being a slut, I would jack off and feel terrible afterwards. in a couple of hours, I’ll be fine again and the thought of her fucking someone else gets me really hard. Either way, this is one of the reasons why she hasn’t fucked another man yet.

Fast forward a year or so, and my wife starts telling me about a hot construction guy that was part of a crew working on our building. While away from town on work, I told her about a dream that I had; For some reason, he had to come inside our place for a second. While inside, my wife either says or does something that got his attention. She ended up giving him head. Sucking and stroking his cock until it was hard and rigid. Sh then stood up, removed her yoga pants and panties and turned around to put her hands on the kitchen counter. He then began to rhythmically pound her pussy until he filled it with several large spurts of cum. (Just writing this makes me hard)

After telling my wife this, she thought it was super sexy. Over the next two weeks, she began to flirt with this guy. She would be outside in short shorts or make a point to go tanning when he was around. You could tell he liked her. It all looked like it was going to work out. The next time I was out of town I was sure he was going to enter our place and fuck her silly. It never happened, their job ended and they moved. 

I still mention it from time to time, how it would turn me on if she went slut again. She also thinks it would be fun. The only issue we have, is it’s hard to find someone that will fit right. She has a couple x boyfriends and admirers on Snapchat and she used to frequently send slutty nudes in exchange for them shooting ropes all over the place. Love it when she does that, but it’s been a couple months. 

Does anyone have advice in regards to how we find someone for her? Also, how do you avoid the post orgasim guilt/disgust trip? Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you. 

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