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Sorry, I’m having trouble getting my nude pictures uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Just know that I am quivering at the thought of being with you. The pics of that beautiful pussy of yours have me hard all the time. Just can’t wait to feel it, finger it, eat it and of course, cum in it. Can’t get you out of my mind. I have masturbated 4 or 5 times since our first communication yesterday. 

We agree on several things. I love the bareback as much as you. Feels more natural without any protection. Being completely smooth is the only way to be. Sounds like we both want to have our way with the other. Waxing together may be an issue. Don’t know if the lady doing the waxing would let me eat your pussy while I’m on the table. 

Two other questions for you. I know you would give me the best BJ ever but, would you swallow? No woman has ever done that. Also, do you squirt a lot when you have an orgasim? I really hope you do. I want to swallow every drop of those female juices.

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Yes I swallow when the man cums in my mouth unless he prefers to see it dripping out of my month onto my breasts. I do it both ways depending on what my partners like best. And a huge yes to my squirting when I cum. It is mostly clear sometimes a little milky but very sweet to the taste.

Im sure we can both get a wax together with or without sex during the waxing. It would be fun. As for the photos you can post them here or private message me on these other websites for my email address

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