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hi terry love your pics ive submitted a few if you want to post them.just wantedd to know what the best website you think is to post to..ive posted naked pics to quite a few big buzz 

[anonymous] Answered question August 27, 2019
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Are a few sites with a lot of my pics and videos. You are welcome to repost any and all of them everywhere you find a place to share them. I love being exposed everywhere. I want to be the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime.

Please post with my name Terry Webb and the term slutwife. I love to Google that and find new places where I am exposed.

If you are wanting to post your own pics these are great websites but zoig does put their logo on your pics making them harder for others to repost without editing out the logo. However Zoig themselves repost to lots of other sites so it helps for exposure. Of course my favorite is right here on flashingjungle where they posted my story here:

Terry Webb virgin bride to slut wife history

You can copy each link and check them all out. If you wish you can email me directly at and I will share more personally with you.

Thank you

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