Naked outside in the backyard or frontyard


Hello any ladies who likes to being naked outside in the backyard or frontyard?

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Naked outside in the backyard or frontyard Naked outside in the backyard or frontyard

If you have read my adventure about being recognized you already know I sunbath anywhere I choose front, back, or side yard depending on the best place for sun. Lots of trees to block the sun’s rays around the yard. I have done this all my married life no matter where we were living. We have lived in neighborhoods with small lots and houses all around you to much more secluded locations.
Once you are laying on your blanket you are such a low profile that you really arent seen very well from any distance. Early on I had to get over my concern for neighbors with second floor windows overlooking our property. Of course the thrill of being seen is part of exposing yourself in public view. Now I love public exposure no matter where it takes place, in the yard, in the car, on a beach, by a pool, on a boat, or as discussed in other answers here on a public elevator or any where else. I love putting it all out there on display exposed for all to see. That is why I love having my images all over the internet for those who will never see me in person to also see me and enjoy my exposure. I love having them reposted and shared to expose me even more.
Im not sure how many sluts enjoy the level of exposure that I do but Im certain all of them get a thrill of be possiblity of being caught or seen when being slutty in public.

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