Incest with older sister


Hi my name is kenney my older sister just came back from collage when she left she wasnt too eye cheching but now she returned a deop dead bomb shell model like problem every time i see her or look at her i get a hard on the day she came home she huged me i cumed in my pants. What am i to do or should i do.

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I don’t judge but personally I’m not into incest on any level. Maybe if she is a step sister and no kin at all. Yet even that will cause issues down the road. I can’t encourage you to act upon your desire. In fact I encourage you to drop the idea immediately. Maybe she has a friend every bit as attractive as she is that your sister would be willing to introduce you to. Nothing wrong with asking your sister for help in meeting an attractive friend.

Good luck my friend. Please work on hiding your incestuous desires and finding a partner outside of family reunions.

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