Husbands requests to show off in public


Hi, we are couple aged 32F and 35M from Sri Lanka. we ara e very conservative kind of culture. we both have been in to swinging and mainly nudism for the last 7 years and we have been married for 8 years. He loves to expose me a lot and I have done it quite a few times out of country and at some selected parties in SL too. He wants me to take one more step ahead and start showing off and exposing on a daily basis in public. I too love to take challenges and its kind of urging inside me to go for it…kicking off is my whole problem..would love to get advice for this challenge and hmmm im sure a lot more in the future.

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Husbands requests to show off in public Husbands requests to show off in public Husbands requests to show off in public Husbands requests to show off in public Husbands requests to show off in public

You are my kind of girlfriend. I wish we lived closer to you so you and I could join forces. As you know I love public exposure. It has always been a huge turn on for me. You can always add your pics and videos onto the web including here on this site for all to enjoy. It isn’t the same as exposing yourself personally in public but it is still exciting to know your images are being seen by thousands around the world far more exposure than you can ever get in person. It also helps to lower your inhibitions as you can always assume whomever is seeing you in person might have already seen you on the web. Once in a while a stranger will confess he had seen my images on the web. BUT remember once you post them there is no getting them back so make that decision careful. As for exposing oneself in public places you could start with sheer clothing. If I must wear clothing, I like wearing things that are very revealing. I cut the liner out of a white swimsuit to allow it to be more see thru. I wear very short skirts without any panties for easy up skirt views. Low cut tops that allow full exposure of your breasts when you bend over. Experiment with your clothing to be more revealing is a good start. You can’t get into too much trouble with nudity if in fact you are clothed yet revealing some nudity. Open doors, windows and curtains into a room is another safe place. For example I like staying on the ground floor of a motel and leaving the curtains and door open as I walk around naked or even while having sex. It isn’t a crime for you to be exposed inside a room with “peeping toms” (who is committing a crime by checking you out). Beaches or pools are an easy place for exposing yourself either by being topless or nude if possible or at the very least allowing “wardrobe malfunctions”. You know loosing and moving your swimsuit to allow “accidental exposure” (again can’t be a crime if it was an accident). My favorite places for public exposure will always be the beach but a second favorite place is the car. Anytime you are in your vehicle you can expose yourself as much or as little as you are comfortable with. Go topless or fully nude leaving anything to cover yourself at home. That is one way not to chicken out. For me it is almost normal to be naked in the car whether I’m driving or riding even when using a fast food drive thru. I have riden naked in the bed of the pickup truck more times than I can count. There is no cover except to roll onto your stomach still exposing your bare ass.

Another wonderful way for public exposure is public campgrounds. Use a tent and leave the tent flaps and door open all the time. Anytime you are in the tent be naked allowing any passersby to look in and see you even during sex if you desire. I love fishing naked out on a public lake leaving all my clothing behind so again there is no place to hide or chicken out. Public showers and gyms work well too. 

I hope this gets you started. If you read my virgin bride to slut wife post there is a lot more examples from my life story. I am always finding new ways to expose myself including doing this ask a slut website. I love the exposure and Im always looking for more ways to expose myself to the most people. Take it in small steps such as the revealing clothing until being naked and exposed is almost normal to you. Please come back here and share how it goes maybe posting a few pics. I look forward to hearing how much fun you have and all the ways you have chosen to expose yourself. Husbands requests to show off in public

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