How can I initiate sex in an elevator with a stranger?


One of my unfulfilled fantasies is to have a sexual encounter with a random guy in an elevator.  I can easily imagine the act itself, but I can’t think about how to get things started.  Most guys are too cautious or respectful, especially in the current environment, to make the first move so that leaves it up to me. What suggestions can you give me to help get that first step taken?

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How can I initiate sex in an elevator with a stranger?

Oh one other thought I didn’t cover in my original answer. One of the best places for elevator sex is a motel, especially a beach motel. You can be wearing only a swimsuit as if coming from the pool or the beach. The guy would also be in a swimsuit making it easier to do the act for both of you by simply working around the swimsuits.
You could easily use the old “wardrobe malfunction” of an exposed nipple or one side of your string bikini bottoms being untied. Then you can hope a gentleman would point out your need to correct the malfunction which would be your opening to suggest giving him more.
Of course at a motel the sex in the elevator can be a preview of cumming attractions before moving it to your room. After I posted the first answer I realized I failed to share one of the easiest elevator sex with a stranger locations would be a beach motel or at the very least a motel. That is where it usually worked for me. Besides there are usually guys looking for hookups while staying at a motel. Again few guys can resist no strings attached free pussy and will jump at such an offer. I hope this helps and I would love to be a fly on the wall when you finally enjoy your fantasy in real life. Have fun and stay safe girlfriend.

Oh for even more excitement push all the floor buttons on the elevator so it stops on every floor opening the doors always adding to the possibility of being seen.

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Hubby and I just discussed how a man cant even tell a woman she looks nice any more for fear it might come back 20 or even 40 years from now with the woman claiming some sort of harassment. It is so sad how we can no longer express ourselves without fear that some how it will be taken wrong. But now on to your question….
If you read the answer I gave to the riskiest place I ever had sex you already know I enjoy the thrill of sex on an elevator after pushing all the buttons so the doors open on every floor. My partner is already aware of the reason for our elevator ride and we are both dressed for easy access. I like wearing a loose fitting button down mini dress. You can fully open the dress or even drop it off and be naked but with easy cover if you need it. My partner wears shorts and can drop them or pull them aside to release his cock.
So first off wear something that allows easy access. Secondly Ive found that almost no man will refuse free no strings attached pussy. I am assuming from the question that you are a woman wanting to have sex with a man you dont know on the elevator. If that is correct than you have to be the bold one and make him an offer he can’t refuse. You might expose your breasts to him or even a quick peek at your lady parts and tell him how horny you are asking him to take care of your needs.
Hopefully he will agree and your fantasy will be fulfilled. If he hesitates and it doesn’t happen get off at the next floor and try a different building. You dont want to get involved with security. Also another hint remember some elevators have cameras so check that out before you make your move.
If you wear a mini dress keeping your back to the door, you can be fully exposed to your partner but not revealing anything if the door opens and you can quickly pull the dress closed if some one enters the elevator. No one need be the wiser.
Stay safe and have fun. If you can’t find a partner my hubby says he would be happy to help you fulfill this fantasy. Wink wink. I’m sure you can find a willing partner to take on the elevator with you but Im just as sure you can find a willing stranger that you wish to surprise with a special quickie that he will never forget. Again Ive found most men cant refuse free pussy no matter when where or how it is offered. I sincerely hope you enjoy fulfilling your fantasy very soon and letting us know how it worked out. Just remember some fantasies arent as incredible in reality as they were as a fantasy. But other times you may find a fantasy to be even better in reality than you ever imagined possible. I know as it has happened both ways for me depending on the fantasy and the partners who helped make them a reality.
You got me really wet remembering my elevator times. It is quite thrilling with all the buttons pushed stopping on every floor. Oh one last thing…. Ive found usually it is safer going up as it seems more people are waiting on an elevator going down. Good luck my slutty sister. Have fun.

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