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How do I engage my wife in slutdom? What can I do to get her to loosen up, be a slut, and put out? She, like you, was a prudish virgin when we married and she really needs to slut it up.

Thank you!!

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Have you actually read my virgin bride to slutwife history post? I will post a link at the end of this answer for those who haven’t read it. For me you are correct I was as innocent and naive as any young bride could be. I was not only a virgin bride but I only had 4 brief high school boyfriends. I had never seen a penis until my husband’s and only kissed those 4 other guys. Two of those guys had seen and touched my very small barely A cup breasts but that is as close to anything sexual that I had done before marriage. I had never even seen an R rated movie much less an X rated one.

After marriage my hubby did introduce me to porn ever so slowly. I had never even looked at myself down there until hubby used a mirror to show me my own womanhood. He then showed me adult magazines to compare myself too. I actually saw how my vagina looked nicer than the models. He encouraged me to allow pictures and to share them in the magazines. Over time of watching porn and discussing it we finally submitted nude pictures of myself to numerous magazines where they were quickly published.

I felt like a real slut and ashamed feeling like I had fucked hundreds of guys at least in their minds. I was doing a lot of nude or at least topless sunbathing on public beaches and attracting lots of attention as guys would keep walking by checking me out. My hubby was in heaven loving my new slutty nature but I was sick of feeling so ashamed of who I was.

The affair just naturally seemed to happen as my new partner made me feel good about myself and my body. I still loved my hubby and was now ashamed of the affair. Yet because I had been fucked by so many guys thru my pictures and even by my nakedness in public places actually being fucked by my boss during the affair was only the next step.

Finally wanting my marriage back I returned to my hubby agreeing to do anything if he would take me back. Of course that lead to the extreme lifestyle I have today. Don’t get me wrong I love being the extreme slutwife that I am today. But there was a LOT of heartache and pain that got me here. So be careful as you move forward.

First respect your wife. Work within her boundaries as you discuss your desire for her to be more open sexually. Watch the type of porn you would like to see her being a part of. Ask her to go out without underwear or a bra when you take her out on a date. Take small steps. Let her open up in her own time. Keep reassuring her how beautiful she is and how exciting she is to you especially when she is willing to try new things in and out of the bedroom.

Hopefully in time it will get better. If you havent already go back and read the question just before yours that asked if the husband and wife should try an open relationship. Part of my answer there applies here. You can’t undo the deed or unsee what you saw. Please read my complete answer there to.

That link to my virgin bride to slutwife history post is here…

Terry Webb virgin bride to slut wife history

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