Fear anal sex


Why do most girls fear anal ?

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Fear anal sex Fear anal sex Fear anal sex

I love being airtight which of course is having a cock up my ass in my pussy and in my mouth with others rubbing against my tits. So for me I enjoy anal. I must admit as a virgin bride it took me a long time to allow anal. First it seemed dirty and wrong. I thought it would hurt. But after hubby used his finger up my butt during oral and later used a vib up my butt during intercourse I decided to try anal and found I liked it.

So I assume most women are like I was. They think it is dirty and wrong. Might be religious but because it is a shithole literally it just seems dirty. I’m sure once they try it most will find it is almost as nice as being penetrated in the vagina.

I remember anal was almost as difficult for me as my first blow job for my hubby. I felt it degraded me and made me feel like a slut long before I embraced being a true slut. So introduce it slowly such as licking her asshole during oral and inserting your finger. That is how it started for me.

Hope you enjoyed my ass pics.

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