do you know any one in Orlando Fl


We are looking for a Female or couple who is ok with playing alone at times with a couple or at times with a female or male if one of us is not around. We have trouble in finding someone who is ok with this. please help us out in finding someone to meet our needs. We have a high sex drive and are open almost any thing. She loves to have sex and I love to watch her with others but can’t find the right couple. So can you help us find the right couple or female in our area that canĀ  play with us ? Here is our # 407-760-6131 if this helps

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We travel for business and get in your area some. So it is possible that we can meet as couples, hubby and I as well as the two of you. We can enjoy whatever you guys are into. I do get lots of requests from folks in Florida but mostly single guys wanting a hook up.

Our direct email is if you would like to share more personally and hopefully we can work out a meeting. We don’t do phone calls as we have had too many times our phone was abused and we had to change numbers. But hopefully by leaving your number here some one else might be able to hook up with you guys as well.

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