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Hey slut wife & team flashing jungle. Surprising as it might be I came to know about your awesome website from the link – which has a watermark “Angelmarx In Public” a google search of which lead me here. I like what you have done here & would like to know if you would consider allowing these models to post their name or social media details. I ask this for I am smitten by the babe in the xhamster link & wish to know more about her, befriend her on social media & if all goes well even get in a relation with her. I am sure that there many guys like me hence I would like to know if you would consider allowing these models to provide their details. Will be great if you can tell me more about the babe in the provided link. I also have some ideas by which you can increase the content & make advertising money. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Underskirts

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I’m sorry but this is not a hook up serve or dating site. I did go to the link you shared and even I agree that the woman pictured is a doll baby. Not sure how that page got you here but we are glad it did.

I am the slutwife pictured here in the “Ask a Slut” feature. My adventures and virgin bride to slutwife history lesson is all posted here on this site as well as on xhamster under the member name slutwifespussy if you wish to check it out and learn more about me. I love meaning new partners and hope to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. My direct email address is if you wish to contact me directly. Maybe we can hook up at some point if you desire.

I’m sorry that is the best we can do as again we don’t have personal information about most of the pictures you see on our site and this is not a dating site. Keep your eyes open and just maybe you will enjoy seeing me or some other slut putting it all out there on public display for all to see. I love exposing myself in public places fully naked or at least topless with up skirt views available. We sluts enjoy putting it out there to be used by guys like you so be brave enough to walk up and join us when you see us putting it out there.

Thank you for your question and contacting us.

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