Bare down there


I just got back from getting a full Brazilian wax. Just wondering if you get Brazilian waxes as well? I would love to have sex with you, especially if you are bare. 

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Bare down there Bare down there Bare down there

You made me laugh as I remember doing a home waxing of my lady parts. Ouchhhh it was a disaster. I warmed the wax and had my hubby spread it all over my mound and around my lower lips and clit hood. We waited the correct amount of time and then tried pulling off the wax. It was a mess and extremely painful.
I’ve used all kinds of hair remover lotions such as Nair. I’ve learned if you’re careful not to get it inside the sensative vaginal opening most of them will do a decent job while others will cause burning of the lady parts. Mostly I use a razor when trimming the lawn.
I prefer to be fully smooth as I can feel my partners much better. I prefer my partners smooth as well but it isnt that important to me. I enjoy how much I can change it up with a full bush or landscaping or fully smooth. I’ve found different partners have different preferences as to how much hair they want to see down there.
When we get together I will be bare especially for you. In fact we can get waxed together if you wish. You can enjoy my smooth pussy every way you desire then post any pics or videos you make of our time together if you want too. You are welcome to post a tribute pic here with your question so I can enjoy seeing your smooth man tool cumming over my images. I love tributes. My favorite kind of porn.
I am attaching a few pussy pics for you.

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