Nudes: how do nude photos get into the Internet?

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Nudes: how do nude photos get into the Internet? porn blog

The Internet is full of photos of guys and girls, as well as mature men and women who like to get naked in public places. They flash their dicks in taxis and buses, show tits in shops and on the street, and shine with naked pussies in the subway, movies, and anywhere! These nasty photos that have flooded the Internet are not just entertainment or chance, as they may seem at first. It seems that for many it is a hobby to take photos that will expose the most intimate parts of the body. 

By the way, it's true! Flashing a naked body is a real hobby, but posting a photo on the Internet is a special passion and a completely new modern fun for adults. The next time you see nude photos of guys and girls on the Internet, then think about the fact that it wasn't evil hackers who leaked them to the network, but they themselves uploaded photos to websites with pride and great excitement! How and why do flashing photos appear on the Internet – we would see! 

New trend – nude photos 

Flashing is a fairly recent trend, but it already has millions of fans. If earlier guys and girls tried to just hint that they were not wearing underwear, for example, now they will be happy to demonstrate a naked pussy or ass. Sometimes secretly, so that the people sitting next to them do not understand anything, and sometimes quite clearly! 

Here opinions were divided, it turned out that girls are more excited by the secret demonstration of their charms. For example, she can make a deal with a friend or boyfriend, come to the store, and when no one is there, lift up her skirt, showing off her naked ass. 

Men, on the contrary, prefer to do it so that someone notices their dignity. Although, the girls have more options than to show off, so the guys have to try to be noticed. 

Nudes: how do nude photos get into the Internet? porn blog

Of course, you need to capture your success in a photo, but how could it be else? If earlier such photos were taken secretly at home, now flashing naked tits in the subway or in a shopping center is an exciting and fashionable practice! Often these photos and even videos end up on popular porn sites, where they are sent into the category of amateur porn. Many people themselves tend to send themselves to the Internet, and you will be surprised to find out why! 

Nudes appeared in 2015 

And psychologists believe that posting nude pictures does not mean having mental problems. A person has a desire to assert himself, sometimes to receive compliments and a dose of admiration. Some post such pictures to overcome themselves, but for others, it is a powerful adrenaline rush! In any case, today the era of Revenge Porn has passed, and people are very happy to share the most intimate things on the whole Internet! 

Unfortunately, some social networks are against such adult content and are increasingly tightening the rules. Tumblr lost its popularity after bans on “adult content”. The vector of the Internet has been shifting towards openness for a long time, today it is not a perversion and not fornication, but a natural part of human life. 

The very concept of nudes – nude photos on the Internet appeared a long time ago but began to gain popularity after Revenge Porn, which captured the Internet. Guys leaked nude and playful naughty photos of their exes after cheating, girls laid the advantages of guys out of revenge… The beginning is not the best, but gradually the victims of Internet bullying realized that it was enough to endure it! 

Nudes: how do nude photos get into the Internet? porn blog

Instead of allowing someone to manipulate and threaten exposure on the Internet, guys and girls began to take nude photos in public places, or simply show off their strawberries, peaches, and nuts. Some even very immodestly stretch their asses and pussies, showing everything that is hidden inside! But, there are not so many such crazy daredevils, for most, it is enough just to show a shaved pussy or a secret piercing.

Many people note that flashing in a public place is wildly exciting! And nudes give them the opportunity to really show themselves to the world. The most important thing here is that a person deliberately sends his naked photo to the Internet, without hiding his face, name, and sometimes data. There are a lot of sites where people started posting photos, getting great pleasure from it!

Flashing in the virtual reality – a new world of an adult fun 

One of the hottest new products in the world of porn is VR videos! It's hard to deny that this is quite an exciting experience because you can literally feel yourself a participant in all the pleasant moments of the film. Watch from all sides, come closer, and change the angle of view. There is a special shooting technology that allows you to see more than in regular 2D. 

And your favorite Flashing category, of course, is also already presented here! We invite you to visit the biggest vr porn collection on the Internet, and see it with your own eyes! The viewing angle has been increased not even 4 times, but up to 360 degrees for the coolest modern VR movies! Now you don't have to think and fantasize about what was left behind the scenes, because absolutely everything will be in front of your eyes now. 

Nudes: how do nude photos get into the Internet? porn blog

A sexy girl decided to undress on the street and walk around the park without a skirt? Study her from all sides with the help of virtual reality glasses. Go on a virtual date to a restaurant with a beauty who suddenly unbuttons her blouse, showing you boobs right during dinner! The VR videos are shot from the first-person, and it gives a complete immersion in the exciting atmosphere of a real date with the sexiest actresses from around the world.

Some studios even plan to completely stop filming ordinary porn and switch to the virtual reality format. It's time to try new things because the world is changing so fast and today there are many more options on how to have fun without leaving home!

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