nippelalarm:My wife likes to go braless in front of my friends….

2 thoughts on “nippelalarm:My wife likes to go braless in front of my friends….”

  1. My wife started flashing when she was 18 and loved being seen by anyone. But she seemed to really get excited when an older guy saw her, knowing they would be especially turned on by her hot 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 body with long red hair she got plenty of attention and older guys have actually walked into things while checking her out.

  2. My wife also liked not wearing a bra or panties in front of my friends. She’d be a perfect hostess when they were there keeping everyone’s drinks filled and keeping things straight. Usually in loose fitting low cut tops that fell open exposing her tits when ever she leaned over. Which she did every chance she got. As well as one of her short skirts that if she bent over or stooped down to pick something up exposed her sexy ass or fiery red bush. And on occasion she’d walk in the room asking me a question while drying her hair the towel blocking her view as she entered the room naked. And she’d act surprised that someone was there. She’d attempt to cover up but never quite did and would stay long enough to say how sorry she was and then run off with her nice 34D tits and sexy ass bouncing.

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