Masturbate together with college girls

These days many talks about totally new trend in sexual activities at college dorm. Barely legal teen girls and boys masturbate together totally nude while wearing only masks over their faces.
Masturbate together with college girls teen public sex
Masturbate2Gether Free Cams blog conducted the anonymous research in a few college dorms. According to their results, over 56% of respondents experienced some kind of group masturbation. In most cases this action ends up with group sexual intercourse (about 69%). The study shows that girls like to masturbate with girls more than with their male friends. 74% of respondent females were naked in front of their female room mates. On the other hand, only 11% of males feel comfortable to show they family jewels to friends.
When asked, why do they like that much to masturbate with room mates or with college friends, 80% told us that they did it because everybody talks about it. But, soon after, they realized that masturbation in groups is really really good. It is so hot that even college couples often end up having sex in front of their college who are masturbating while watching them. This simply became so normal among these boys and girls that they don’t dare to do this in public places. If you had any kind of public sex experience you will be more popular in the school and everyone wants to be popular.

Many thanks to masturbate2gether for such an info. As a flashing lover this really turns me on. I hope you like it too.

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