Looking for something hotter than public nudity? ThePornDude.com fulfills your desires

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It is all about nudity here at Flashing Jungle and believe me; there’s no shame in being a flash addict. I mean, no one hates the sight of sexy titties flashed in public or upskirt voyeur photos anyway, is there?

Now let’s talk about your porn preferences. Are you fed up of running to Google to search for the best porn sites, blogs or camsites?  Well, try ThePornDude.com, which is a one-stop shop for anything porn related. ThePornDude is, for the lack of a better word, the encyclopedia of porn. That sounds useful, right? That’s because it is. I mean, ThePornDude has scoured the internet to bring you a comprehensive list of the best porn sites there is, ranked them, and accompanied them with honest reviews and everything in between, all in one handy place. Allow me to fill you in all about this site.

Looking for something hotter than public nudity? ThePornDude.com fulfills your desires public flashing


First of all, ThePornDude has exhaustively researched the sites listed on the site, and you can expect an accurate reflection of the sites. There is no giving two fucks about average or lame sites, which ThePornDude is not afraid to call out. If a site is riddled with viruses, rubbish content or excessive advertising, trust ThePornDude to mention that fact. Each site’s ratings are real as the site is visited by the person rating it to check different aspects which are not limited to content, layout, user-friendliness, models and more. If ThePornDude says, a site sucks, you best believe it. Remember reviews come with pros and cons, so you will know precisely how the site has earned its ranking.

Regardless of which porn niche gives you the turn on, there is always a well-researched bunch of site reviews covering that kind of porn. Let’s say you love amateur and homemade porn for whatever reasons. Going through the internet to find sites offering that particular niche can be a hassle, and that’s where theporndude comes in. The site recognizes that you have little time to waste and lists well-reviewed sites in your favorite niche for your perusal. You no longer have to deal with crappy sites. It doesn’t matter how kinky and crazy your tastes are, actually nobody cares, because ThePornDude has listed loads of sites covering your niche. I suggest you buy yourself a nice pair of headphones, lobe and lock yourself in your bedroom. The Porn Dude has a collection of over 750 sites covering over 55 categories all crying out loud for your attention.

They say good things never go away, and that’s so true about ThePornDude. This site keeps the content fresh by reviewing new sites to ensure there is always a fresh new review to check out. Flashing Jungle may not be there yet, but this is a site you should check out. One of the best things about this site is it doesn’t only list the popular porn tubes and porn sites; there are other niche specific listings including erotic blogs, hentai, celebrities and more. He is not numero uno for nothing!
Looking for something hotter than public nudity? ThePornDude.com fulfills your desires public flashing

The problem with many sites is that they are plain boring. You don’t have to worry about any of that on ThePornDude. The site has a colorful layout and can also be accessed using mobile devices. I had no problems whatsoever accessing it using my tablet, and the view is simply awesome. There are no complications, and everything you want to access is clearly visible, which is yet another reason to love this site.

We are living in a revolving world, and nothing stays stagnant. The same is true about porn sites, and ThePornDude is continuously on the lookout to see which ones are veering in the wrong direction and shortchanging their visitors in the process. He claims to conduct monthly checks, and he didn’t strike me as the kind of dude who takes prisoners.

Other sites may bombard you with ads making navigation through the website a fucking pain in the ass. There is absolutely zero chance of encountering such hindrances as the site is 100% ads free and will remain like that according to the site’s ‘about’ page.  If you wanted any confirmation why ThePornDude feels excessive advertising is a negative trait, look no further. The site is cleaner than your girlfriend’s pussy!
Looking for something hotter than public nudity? ThePornDude.com fulfills your desires public flashing
You will have a hard time finding any weaknesses on this site. The geek behind the site seems to know everything there is to know in the porn industry and your only worry will be you have to either take it or take it. For the record, The Porn Dude has a pretty good understanding of high-quality porn, and only intends with the best you can find on the internet. It may just be his opinion, but in all fairness, ThePornDude spends endless hours on the internet and deserves every benefit of doubt.

To sum it all up, regardless of how crooked and twisted you might think of yourself to be, The Porn Dude has something for you. This is like a porn universe. Forget the endless browsing, visit ThePornDude and decide whether it is worthy of your bookmark.


  • Nice layout
  • 100% ads free
  • Regular updates
  • Over 750 porn sites


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