Hotel hall petite brunette naked heels stockings

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Hotel hall petite brunette naked heels stockings teen public nudity public flashing

stockings in public

One thought on “Hotel hall petite brunette naked heels stockings”

  1. I have done something similar when we were at a riverside hotel in Ireland, after an evening of drinking we went back to the room where I had a shower and changed into my sexy undies and stockings and was ready for naughty sex.
    Hubby was in a deep drunken sleep and I was angry and frustrated, I played for a while and just got hornier, so I wedged the door with my sandal and dared myself to walk down the corridor which I did a few times, getting further each time.
    I was quite drunk but very horny and thrilled and got into the lift and pressed the top floor, got out and walked down the stairs and froze when people got into the stairs as well about two levels down, but they were going downwards so I creeped down and eventually found my floor, got back into the corridor and whipped my bra off to walk to the room.
    Mild, but I enjoyed it, I need to do it absolutely naked – will get hubby drunk again!

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