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I want to take my wife out to a bar with a skirt on. I want her to spread her legs where another man gets a good view. Then spread her legs while I rub her pussy making sure to get her panties soaked. Then after they get soaked I want her to slide them off and let me slide my finger in her pussy all while being watched. I want her to get up and walk over to whoever is getting the show and grab his hand and slide his finger in her wet pussy, just once then hand him her soaked panties and walk away. I just don’t know how to convince her to do it.

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You are welcome to introduce her to me. My direct email address is myslutwifesemail@mail.com and we can share that way. I love to fulfill all fantasies. I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a bar wearing a sheer top and very short skirt, nothing else showing off every thing I have. I love watching guys checking me out as well as the ladies. I love your fantasy and hope your wife will fulfill it for you.

Please don’t pressure her or nag her about it. I’m sure in time she can work up to it. Maybe like me enjoy showing it all off. I usually get lots of requests for dances and on the dancefloor I get felt up and groped everything including actually fucking sometimes right there on the dancefloor or the pool table or sometimes on the bar. I love being the center of attention.

Be careful what you ask for. She might really like it and become a full on slut like me. You can’t go back once you cross that line.

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I’d be just fine with complete slut, if she wanted the guy that was watching to make her cum I’d let her.

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