what is you favourite picture of you


what is you favourite picture of you

I love sharing our adventures and our photos with all of you. I still have to share about this special picture taken in the tent. I turned it into a several pieces of art work and donated 11 x 14 copies of each to our local art museum. They still hang in the modern digital art display. I am attaching the original (which you may have seen from one of our other adventure stories we shared here) and the art works. It is one of my favorites. I am also adding a few beach pics.

The story behind the photo:
When we go to the beach hubby and I almost always take a cooler with plenty to drink, snacks, usually sandwich fixings or something for lunch, and most importantly our little dome tent. I also carry a small changing bag with several swimsuit and cover ups. This trip was no different. Once we had walked well pass the crowds down where mostly only a few fishermen or a few beach walkers wander we pitched our tent near the dune line for shade and privacy. We usually stay out for most of the day so we need a place to escape the sun.

Any way, after setting up our little camp, we take a short dip in the ocean to cool off. The water allows us to strip off our swimsuits for a time of skinny dipping and love making. Lots of cuddling and playing in the waves. Any one walking the beach could see my breasts but wouldnt know we were fully naked fucking under the cover of the waves. After a wonderful time of making love and enjoying our bodies being clothing free we made our way back to our tent. Hubby slipped back into his trunks as I remained topless (a few photos attached) as we walked back up the beach to the tent.

Once in the tent we stripped naked again leaving the door and window flaps open as we had our picnic lunch. Any one walking by could clearly see us if they looked our way. After lunch I stepped outside for some topless then fully nude sunbathing. I love exposing myself in public but try not to be too “in your face” about it. Hubby took photos as I sunbathed and ignored him. I was unaware of him walking down to the water where he took a stick and wrote in the sand in huge letters “FREE PUSSY” and drew a huge arrow pointing up to where I was sunbathing next to the tent. He rarely calls attention to my nudity and even sits next to me to help hide my nakedness but this time not only was he calling attention to my nudity but he was offering my body for sex. Not sure why or what brought it on but it turned out to be one of our best days on the beach ever.

It wasnt long before 4 college guys happened along. They saw the free pussy sign and following the arrow with their eyes they are now staring at me. Hubby wasnt far away watching these guys watching me and talking about the message in the sand. I guess he couldnt take it any more and had to give them a little push. Hubby walked over and was talking with these guys when I finally noticed he had walked away. I as a bit uncomfortable seeing how they were all looking my way and not knowing what hubby was saying to them. (I had no clue about the message in the sand at this point or I would have been more than just uncomfortable).

To my surprise the college guys and hubby all walked over to my banket and sat in a circle around me. After some small talk the guys started rubbing sunscreen all over my body as I was dripping wet from all the attention. It wasnt long before we moved to the tent where the 4 guys stripped out of their swimsuits as hubby stood near the doorway watching. Without being too detailed in what happened next I will say a good time was had by all. They filled all my opennings and took turns in each one filling their favorite spot with their cream. Two guys came down my throat while one came in my ass as the other came deep inside my vagina. When every one had been fully satisfied we just layed there in a group hug of sorts in a pile of human flesh. No one caring that the tent flaps were still open and we were all on display to any one walking by. What I didnt know until now, as I looked out towards the ocean, was there stood hubby purposely waving at any one passing near by to make sure they looked our way. Im not sure how many beach goers that day got a real show but I know there were several fishermen who were fishing much closer to our tent with a perfect spot for watching.

The guys finally stirred and slipped back into their swim trunks before swiftly walking away from our tent like they had forgotten some important meeting they had to rush off too. As I just sat there in the tent openning basking in the after glow of all the attention those young college guys had just given me, hubby snapped this special pic. That is why it is one of my favorites. You can see my very satisfied puffy labia and that just been fucked look of my stiff nipples and over all glow my body that seems to be transmitting in this picture.

Just after the photo was snapped, hubby suggested another dip in the ocean to cool me off. As I reached for my swimsuit bottoms hubby suggested I give the fishermen a thrill and just run out to the surf in my birthday suit. Heck I was still on such an adrenaline rush that it didnt matter to me so I just got up and ran to the surf naked as the day I was born. I paused when I saw it. I read the huge capital letters in the sand. I followed the arrow with my eyes and realized what brought those good looking college guys into my life. I wasnt sure if I was mad or happy embarrassed or delighted I just smiled as I remembered how nice a time we all had. I was still standing there when hubby grabbed me by the hand and lead me into the waves. Several of the fishermen cheered and cat called as my body disappeared under the cover of the waves. We swam for some time before finally returning to the tent where I got in a little more sunbathing to dry off. I told hubby I was grateful for the adventure his little sign brought but would he please wipe it out now as I get a little more sun before we ended our day on the beach. He smiled, nodded and did as I asked leaving only the huge arrow in the sand as if any one needed the arrow to notice all the activity that had been going on there.

It wasn’t long before we packed up and left the beach. I wore my little fishnet cover up so I had some cover as we walked back thru the crowded part of the beach. So ends the story behind my special pic. I hope now you enjoy the pic as much as I do.

what is you favourite picture of you

This is also a favorite and was the one I first made public of me by displaying it at the state and county fairs for all to see and enjoy.

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