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So tell me as a young woman what is it like what is the feeling you get inside your soul when you get seen naked outside in a public place by strangers is it exciting what’s the first thought that comes to your head

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So curious So curious So curious So curious So curious

Wow what an interesting question especially the way you ask it. First off I don’t really think of myself as being a young lady anymore but you could say I did start when I was young. If you have read my many other posts detailing our many adventures then you already know my first experience with public nudity wasn’t voluntary.

During a ride home while I was sleeping hubby unbuttoned and then even removed my shirt fully exposing my bare breasts to all passing vehicles. He then worked on removing my shorts until he had me fully naked in the passenger seat. I had awoken as he was working on my shorts but pretended to be sleeping mostly to see how far he would go. Long story short [please read my virgin bride to slut wife history post]…. this public display of my naked body really turned me on more than I could ever have imagined possible.

It is what started it all for me. It is the thrill of being seen maybe even the possibility of getting into trouble. My first thought that comes into my head good question…. I guess it is a mixture of sexual excitement causing a wetness between my legs as well as a small amount of shame or guilt maybe mixed with some fear of being in serious trouble but mostly it is simply exciting and even liberating, a whole new level of freedom to be naked period much less naked in public places.

I love being seen naked in public to be fully exposed with as many eyes on me as possible especially if I am actually engaged in sexual activity in public with people cheering me on or even joining in. I guess it is when I feel especially slutty. At this point I can never get enough public exposure that is why I also post nude pics and videos of myself all over the web, begging people to repost and share all my materials so I can become the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime.

For me I guess public exposure either in person or on the web helps define me as the true slut wife whore I want so desperately to be known for. A title I wear with pride or a badge of honor so to speak, the title of slutwife.

I hope this fully answers your question. If you would like to discuss it even more fully email me at and I would be happy to discuss it.

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