New to this,do you think I will attract much interest any comments ?

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New to forums or to posting revealing pictures of yourself? Welcome either way. We can’t have too many like minded slutwives sharing this site exposing themselves and sharing their adventures.

I love all the exposure this site as well as others has brought to me as I try to be the best known slutwife ever. It thrills me to know I can excite so many people I most likely will never meet in person. I love reading and replying to any comments. I enjoy putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy.

Only word of warning is once you put it out there it is out there forever. There is no turning back. My materials have been copied shared and reposted so much it blows my mind. I’m loving all the exposure but I’m also aware it will be out there long after I’m died and gone. But that also excites me knowing even years from now my materials will still be getting guys off.

So again welcome.

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