How to get to step 2


Like you, I am a female ready, willing, and able. Most guys seem too polite or cautious to take advantage of my offers, or are just suspicious of a sexually aggressive woman.  How do I get past that first step?

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How to get to step 2 How to get to step 2 How to get to step 2

I’ve also noticed most guys are super camera shy. This guy was happy to have his pic taken with me and to be posted on the web. Some guys are proud to have been with a true slut. I meant to suggest using an on line site such as or even craigslist. We have done both in the past. Also posting on most porn sites such as xhamster zoig motherless or others you can also do hook up posts and I assure you that works. Heck I have met many of my admirers from this site. Good luck crossing that line my slutty sister. Let me know how it goes. Contact me directly at and we can share even more ideas. I also have a lot posted in my adventures on this site as well as xhamster. My hubby also sets up most of our adventures including rape fantasies a lot of guys wish to play out with me. I never know when one of those is going to happen.

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