How far would you would go to cum from pain?


Terry, you have been very transparent in your love for sex, pain, abuse, and the extreme elements of sex.  We would like to know just how far you would go to cum repeatedly on pain alone.

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You already know my darkest fantasy of a female circumcision. I could see that being done without anything to dull the pain. I’ve been suspended from my breasts many times which included extreme breast and pussy torture such as drilling screws into each nipple, piercing my clit, weights hung from my pussy lips, etc.
In my adventures I have already shared lots of tortures with pictures. My breasts squeezed in a large vise, used as punching bags, belts, canes, and other devises used to whip my body especially my breasts and lady parts.
I enjoy fulfilling all fantasies requested from partners we meet. I have the motto NO LIMITS NO SAFE WORDS ANYTHING GOES and it has brought some extreme torture and pain. As you already know my body turns pain to pleasure and it is exciting when added to our sex play. I can climax just from extreme pain when used in sex.
Ive had zippers of clothes pins, metal paper binders, and even alligator clips used attached closely together including my nipples and lady parts suddenly ripped off like a zipper. That really smarts. We sewed sandpaper inside my bra before just so it would rub me thru out the day.
So what extreme would I go? I guess there arent any limits short of something that would permanently scar my body unless that is my desire such as the circumcision or how Ive already had some body modification done.
Sexually I love it all and hope to experience it all before I leave this world no matter how extreme.

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