How do I flash my cousin ?


I’m 22M and my cousin is 18F . We’ve been sleeping in the same bedroom for a few months and I want to flash her so bad. All I can think about is pretend to sleep while having my dick out when she wakes up and hope she notice it. She’s quite innocent but we came from a very strict family and she doesn’t seem to care about all the adult stuff . Are there any other ways to flash her or to make her notice me without making this awkard for the both of us ?

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How do I flash my cousin ? You already sleep in the same room? Why not simply sleep naked. That is how I always sleep. I won’t even ask any questions about how this sleeping arrangement came about. I mean do you take turns using your bedroom to dress each day? I mean it seems you both would be very familiar with seeing each other naked as you prepare for bed each night or get ready each morning. Just ignore her being in the room as you dress seems to be the easiest answer. I hope you like my flashing pic I posted with your answer.

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