Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

Where should I start as I tell you about our latest cruise experience. I mean much of it was like usual. Our cabin door was always open with a sign saying “Adult Party inside all is welcome”. Hubby and I were leaving handfuls of my “grab and fuck” vouchers all over the ship with our room number on the back. Believe you me lots of guys of all ages were cashing those vouchers in.

When out of our room, I usually only wore my robe that the cruise line supplied with the room. It was of thin Terry cloth and came down barely past my butt. We sunbathed on the “Adults Only” top deck where I simply removed my robe and sunbathe nude. Most women were topless but a few were also nude on that exclusive deck.

Also when out of the room I always had a remote controlled bullet style vibe buried deep inside my cunt so anytime hubby wanted to he could turn it on at whatever speed he wished. Anytime someone would speak to me or a waiter brought our drinks hubby would love to zap my cunt with a sudden charge to that hidden vibe, always causing me to jump and even let out a small squeal. That was one item that was never removed anytime we roamed the ship and was an exciting toy for both hubby and myself. Anytime he turned it on I was to allow my robe to open exposing myself as if by accident no matter where we were. I got super great service in the gift shops and at the bars I assure you.

But the best part of my adventure happened on shore for the full three days we were in Port. Once again we went back to Horseshoe Beach as we did on our first cruise to Bermuda. And again we swam out and around to our secluded beach where we last met the sunbather with the hugest BBC I've ever fucked. Briefly here is a recap of our last adventure…..

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

My biggest BBC experience was on a cruise to Bermuda. Our first day we found a secluded cove a short distance from Horseshoe Beach. The only way to it was to swim around several other areas. Once we thought we had found our own private cove, I stripped and enjoyed skinny dipping and sunbathing. It was my husband who first noticed him. Up on the cliffs above us was a young muscular black guy stroking himself. Hell it looked like he was stroking a small tree.

When he saw I was watching him, he stopped stroking himself and came down to the beach to join us. His cock looked like it hung to his knees and was the hugest cock I'd ever seen. Bigger than any pictures I had ever seen much less in person. Hell he made Johnny Holms look small. He tried to make small talk but I could tell what he really wanted. I dropped to my knees and gave him head. Interestingly enough, his cock was so large it could never fill with enough blood to be super hard. I really tried. I gagged trying to take his full length down my throat. I mean literally down my throat. He was impressed as women normally won't try to give him head due to his size.

Soon enough I was able to feel his full length inside my womanhood as he finally started fucking me trying his best to be balls deep. We fucked on the sand and again with me bent over some rocks. I was being split open. Then without warning while still bent over those rocks he rammed it deep inside my ass telling me he had never taken a woman anally before. I could tell why. He was really slitting me open now but how wonderful it felt. He kept switching between ass and pussy before pulling out and forcing it deep down my throat again just as he was cumming.. I started gagging and he finishes on my face and tits. All too soon it was over and he climbed back up the cliff and disappeared. We went back each day we were in Port but never saw him again.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

Needless to say on this newest cruise to Bermuda, we were watching for my old friend searching the cliffs above us hoping to reconnect with that wonderful huge BBC. No such luck, so like before I stripped out of my tan thru (very see thru) swimsuit and enjoyed skinny dipping and sex on the beach with my hubby before settling into some long overdue sunbathing. I had dozed off but was awaken when I heard voices near by.

The voices were just nearby, they were standing over me. There they were my husband and my old BBC friend. But standing there naked talking about our last time together and why we never saw him again. He was saying he lived nearby and it was a first for him to fuck a tourist on the beach. Yes he often would sunbath in the cliffs even occasionally watching the wandering tourists make use of the little private cove but he always had tried to keep out of sight. It was because he was noticed my hubby last time and how we both seemed as comfortable naked as he always is that he chanced it and joined us. However his wife was home last time and unfortunately she happened to be out wondering the cliffs looking for him that same afternoon. She had seen him with me. When he left me on the beach they met on top of the cliffs and the fight started. That is why we never saw him again.

Now divorced he was free to resume where we left off. It was a beautiful repeat of our first experience together. We enjoyed the afternoon on the beach trying every sexual position possible as he took turns filling my mouth, ass, and pussy with that massive cock of his. No matter how relaxed I tried to make my throat, I gagged everytime I tried to deep throat that beautiful cock. I loved feeling it guide pass my tonsils and rubbing the deepest level of my throat any cock had ever been. He was extremely impressed at how much I could take saying I was the only one who ever was willing to take that much for what few blow jobs he had ever had.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

He invited us back to his place. He lived only a short distance above the cliffs in a small but nice bungalow. He asked if he could invite some friends to kick our party up a notch. Of course we agreed. Within a few minutes eight of his male friends arrived with one female friend. The small talk was how they all knew it was my fault that my friend was now divorced and I would pay. I would be their sex slave until the ship was to leave port three days later. I was all in for that.

The other woman, a young attractive slim black woman with cute perky yet on the small size breasts, stepped up and ordered me to strip out of my swimsuit for inspection. She too slipped out of her bikini. As I stood there she opened my mouth like checking a racehorse looking down my throat, she pulled my hair before moving to my breasts, slapping each one, squeezing them, pinching and pulling my nipples before biting each one as hard as she could. She worked her way pass my stomach slapping and deeply massaging it before reaching my cunt. She had me spread my legs wide as she pulled on my pussy lips, pulling them as wide apart as she could, ramming her fist up my snatch, before giving it a few hard slaps. She worked her way down each leg and then to my butt pulling my butt cheeks apart and ramming a few fingers up my asshole.

Finally she declares that I will do before ordering me to lick her cunt. She layed down on the couch and opened her legs pulling my hair and my head to her already wet pussy. The guys started spanking my butt telling me I wasn't good enough to lick their friend's pussy. Hubby was told to sit next to the couch and watch as his tiny cock was of no use during my time as their sex slave. Now hubby isn't small as he has just shy of eight inches with a nice girth but these guys all had huge BBC that did make him look small.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

I was picked up and thrown onto the floor as the guys held me down pulling my legs as far apart as they could splitting me like a Thanksgiving wishbone, my BBC friend from the beach moved into position between my open legs. Unlike on the beach where he had been somewhat gentle and even caring, now he was a different person, almost angry and vengeful. He started slapping my cunt as hard as he could telling me I was being punished for causing his divorce. I would pay. Now I was a bit afraid of what we had gotten ourselves into.

Without warning the harsh slapping of my cunt stopped and he suddenly rammed his huge cock balls deep into my not so wet pussy, pounding the life out of me, showing no mercy. His friends cheering him on as they continued to pull my legs apart and hold me down. They were slapping my breasts and pulling my hair. I looked around to see what hubby was doing. The woman was sitting on his naked lap belittling his cock as she bounced up and down on it, not fucking him, only bouncing up and down on his cock occasionally slapping it and spitting on him. Telling him how much of a whore I was and how I was going to pay.

My attention was drawn back to my own situation as the guy blew his load deep inside of me and a new guy took his turn. This guy was huge but not to the same standards as his friend. Now I also had another huge cock down my throat gagging me almost smothering me as it was hard to breath. I actually welcomed it when his cock started pulsating and his blew his load down my throat. The next guy told his friends to flip me over. As a group they threw me onto my stomach with a large pillow under my hips forcing my butt into the air. This guy without lube or any warning spread my butt cheeks wide and forced his huge cock up my ass. He kept pounding away until he blew his load deep inside my asshole.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

Each guy in turn enjoyed the opening of their choice filling me with their man cream. It was oozing out of every opening onto the floor. Now the woman led my hubby over to me. I was sitting up now, unaware of the humiliation they were about require of my poor husband. He was ordered to clean me up. When he refused the woman kicked him in the balls, knocking him over into my lap. Once again hubby was ordered to clean me up or take more kicks to the groin. I whispered an apology to him as he slowly started eating me out and as always he brought me a huge orgasm from his tongue. To my surprise it he actually licked out all that cum before I was turned over and he had to lick my asshole clean. Finally we had to kiss as he was to swallow any cum left in my mouth or on my lips that I hadn't already swallowed. Now to add to his humiliation he had to stroke two guys cocks, as I and the other woman not only stroked two cocks apiece but also had one in each of our mouths. We were to get the guys hard again.

They weren't done humiliating my hubby as he was told to take both cocks into his mouth and not only stroke them. Hubby is straight unlike me who enjoy swinging both ways. Finally I was taken to the bedroom and thrown on the bed as hubby was forced to stay behind in the front room where it had all began. He was having to lick all the cum off the floor from all the earlier creampies that spilled out of me. At least they were leaving him with the woman and not having him preform any more homosexual acts.

In the bedroom I was now blindfolded and tied spread eagle to the bed. Hubby of course was not there so I can only describe what I knew was happening without seeing what was happening. My breasts were once again being slapped and cocks forced down my throat or up my cunt. But before long it turned into how much pain could they inflict? A belt suddenly came across my tits and than another belt was being used to spank my wide open pussy. I'm not sure how many belts in total were being used. Suddenly large objects was being forced up my cunt and down my throat and I don't mean cocks. Whatever was in the room became new objects to force up my snatch.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

Now back to more fucking but this time most of the guys pulled out and covered me in their cum. The blindfold was removed and my hubby brought in to once again clean me up. Like a mommy cat cleaning her kittens hubby started licking me, cleaning away all the mess the guys made. They were once again belittling his body and his cock. Occasionally someone would slap his cock and balls telling him he wasn't cleaning me fast enough. Now it was my turn to watch as the guys held my hubby down as the woman started giving him a blow job only to bite his cock numerous times showing no mercy even after she drew blood. She was constantly jerking his balls and slapping them, telling him he wasn't allowed to cum.

It was horrible watching how they abused him as I was still tied to the bed but forced to watch it all. Finally they brought him over to me and told me to finish what the other woman had started. They told me to bite him as I was giving him oral. When I wouldn't bite down they once again used belts across my breasts and open pussy. Hubby told me to do as they had instructed me. So I did. I bit him. But apparently not hard enough. Another belt slammed down against my now sore and bruised cunt. Hubby begged me to hurt him and do as I was told. So I took his balls and jerked on them harder than I had ever jerked them before pulling until my hand hurt. I also took his cock as deep into my mouth as possible and bit down as hard as I could not letting go with my teeth nor with my hand jerking on his ball sack. Even though my jaws were starting to cramp up I held that cock tight in my teeth until I was told I had shown my obedience enough that I could stop punishing my husband's cock and balls. When he pulled out of my mouth I could taste the blood and see how much damage I had inflicted.
Now it was my hubby's turn to show obedience. He was handed a belt and told to slam my pussy as hard as he could as many times as he could until he was told to stop. Once again he refused and got a swiff kick to the nuts. This time I begged him to punish me. So he took the belt and moved between my legs. He told me he was sorry as he took his first swing, then another, and another constantly being told he wasn't spanking me hard enough and he would keep doing it until he truly did it as hard as he could. I too was bleeding when they finally told him to switch to my breasts. Hubby moved to my side and once again my punishment began as he beat my breasts raw with whelps.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife

Hubby was once again forced to leave the room as the guys took turns doing any combination of things to me from fucking to more punishment to more ass fucking and deep throating. Each time hubby was returned to me only to clean me up.

This went on for the full three days we were in Port. My only break was at night yet still tied to the bed. On that last day I was allowed to shower outside using the cold water of the garden hose. The woman and the guys took turns on the hose or on the soap and towels. I was freezing but clean out in the warm sun. Hubby was allowed to wash with me at the end. Now for one last show. The other woman and I got into the 69 position as my hubby was told to switch between us fucking each one in the ass, pussy, and mouth but not to cum until he was told. It was the first time during the three days hubby was actually allowed to have sex and to cum while fucking the other woman deep inside her cunt. Because he hadn't been given permission to cum I was required to take him in my mouth (again us ladies were still in the 69 position) and one more time jerk on his ball sack as I bit his penis. I could taste her juices mixed with his as I was biting down. Finally we were allowed to leave just in time to get back to our ship.

The cruise back was mostly a time of recovery. I wasn't so proud to reveal my bruised body by my earlier acts of nude sunbathing and allowing my robe to open. Nor were we having parties in our room. But overall it was a very memorable trip but some of the most hard-core rough BBC sex I had ever had. They certainly punished us both for causing the poor guy's divorce. But now that we have fully recovered we thought it was time to share.

Terry Webb’s newest Cruise to Bermuda sex stories public nudity nude beach mature howife
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