Terry Webb’s FMF fun with Bride to be.

This time I wasn’t the entertainment for a bachelor party nor was I having to plan the Bachelorette party. I was invited as a guest to a dear girlfriend’s bride to be party. It was nice being only a guest. However I have to admit it was a very lame party. They had a male stripper dressed as a cop do his little dance stripping down to his little g-string. He sat on the bride to be’s lap and wagged his g-string covered cock in her face. Everyone was handing her more dollar bills to stuff into his g-string but that was as hot as the entertainment got. Yes they had a full bar that had plenty of alcohol flowing which of course lessened the bride to be’s inhibitions.

Terry Webbs FMF fun with Bride to be. sex stories real nudity

As the party was nearing completion and guests were leaving out, my friend, the bride to be, asked me how her party compared to those I’ve been a part of before. I didn’t lie. I told her it was dull and lame. She asked “Even the stripper?” I explained that even though it was entertaining that the guy never exposed his Johnson nor did anyone actually have sex with the guy. Yes several of the ladies copped a feel but that was as extreme as it got.

My girlfriend surprised me by asking if I was willing to help make her night even more memorable and help her truly celebrate her last night of freedom. When I asked how extreme she was willing to go, she said all the way. So first we went shopping. I took her to a local adult ship where we bought some very revealing street walker like outfits. I mean these outfits barely left anything to the imagination. She had never dressed so slutty in her life.

Next we drove to a street corner known to be a local known hangout for prostitutes. I explained that tonight we were going to make some guy’s night, a free 2 for 1 deal. She was a bit shocked by my suggestion yet quiet turned on by pretending to be a street walker.

It didn’t take long when a beautiful red sports car drove up and the guy rolled his window down. I leaned into his window and told him my girlfriend was getting married tomorrow and we were hoping to find a stud willing to do a free 2 for 1 offer and fuck us both. He laughed and asked if I was serious. When I assured him that we really weren’t prostitutes but only looking for a good time, he opened his car door and both my friend and I got in.

He drove us to the nicest motel in town telling us that because we weren’t charging him for our services that the least he could do was get us the best room possible. My friend needed a little more liquid encouragement so we stopped in the motel bar where out new guy friend happily paid for our drinks and enjoyed the attention his two dates were attracting. I had almost forgotten how we were dressed. I think it was not only the alcohol but also because of how we were dressed and the attention we were attracting that my girlfriend said she was ready to go up to our room.

Once in the room it didn’t take our new guy friend anytime to strip naked. I think it as a bit of a disappointment for my girlfriend that it was so quick but he had a nice looking cock and he already had such a raging hard on. My girlfriend and I took our time doing our own strip tease watching him stroking himself as well as watching to see which of us he seemed most interested in. But his eyes seemed to be watching us equally as finally all our clothes were on the ground.

I made the first move walking over to the bed where he was sitting and took over stroking his cock just as I began to take it into my mouth. My girlfriend joined me as we both gave him a double blow job, sucking both cock and balls or having his cock between our kissing like lips running the full length of his cock. He groaned and begged us to stop before he climaxed too early. So we pushed him back on the bed as I mounded his cock and my girlfriend mounded his mouth. As he was fucking me and eatting her out, we were caressing and groping each other’s breasts teasing and gently biting each other’s nipples. I was almost more into my girlfriend’s body and watching her than I was into being fucked myself.

All too soon he wanted to switch positions. He had us both to bend over the bed on our knees as he took us from behind. He started with my girlfriend before switching back to me. He kept switching pussies mixing our juices and his precum until finally he exploded deep inside my girlfriend, pulling out to finish deep inside of me. He was spent, covered in swear, and breathing heavy. Yes we had worn him out.

Sadly neither my girlfriend nor I had climaxed yet so we took matters into our own time of sexual play. I quickly moved into position and we enjoyed a time of 69, eatting the cum from each other’s pussies and forgetting all about the guy until he offered his slightly harden cock to my mouth as he fingered my girlfriend’s pussy. Once I had gotten him hard enough again to enter my girlfriends pussy, I guided his throbbing cock into her pussy having a very close eyeful of all the action going on just above my face. I started licking both my girlfriend’s pussy and sucking on his ballsack. Suddenly without warning they both climaxed together. I had an awesome view of it all just as he pulled out and finished cumming on my face as his creampie dripped from her snatch. Not to miss a drop I quickly started lapping at her cunt drinking her juices mixed with his bringing my girlfriend to another climax just as I realized there were now two tongues working my pussy. Both he and she were licking on me and pulling my lips apart in their teeth, fingering me and flicking my bean until I too had a massive orgasm of my own.

We were all spent now so we curled up in bed spooning FMF style. She was behind him pushing her tits into his back as he was in the middle pushing his still limp cock against my butt crack and squeezing my breasts. A short time later we were fast asleep. When we woke, we had to quickly dress and have him drive us back to our car. We were once again dressed in our street walker outfits in broad daylight as we walked through the motel and he drove us back to our car.

My girlfriend discussed her fear of pregnancy but I assured once her new husband fucks her on their wedding night that it wouldn’t matter. She laughed and realized I was right. We had to hurry for her to get back to her house in time to dress for her wedding. Her bridesmaids were already there when we walked in still wearing our street walker outfits. We only smiled at each other when they asked how was our night.

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