Terry Webb’s early adventures with pornography

Terry Webbs early adventures with pornography sex stories real nudity milf pics

Above are 3 of the over 125 magazines that my photos have appeared in. Believe me I didn’t become famous nor did I make very much money from doing those magazine. Because I was recently asked by a young lady about my role in the porn industry and my thoughts of her getting into the industry I now share my answer to her and my open answer to all who might be thinking about exposing yourself in porn. I now share my story……

Terry Webbs early adventures with pornography sex stories real nudity milf pics

I am honored if you think I am a famous pornstar. In fact I am actually more of a webslut who wants to be the best known slutwife ever by having my pictures, videos, and posts published on every website possible. Now I’m proud to be the extreme slutwife that I am but it was a long road getting here. That long road in a nutshell began this way: hubby and I were both virgins when we married. I was the one who strayed and had an affair. To return to my marriage I promised to do anything if hubby would take me back. He groomed me into becoming the slut wife I am today.

As for becoming a pornstar especially at such a young age. I would discourage you from that road in life. Don’t let those nude or suggestive pictures out of your possession. Destroy they now before they destroy you. I actually had a chance to be in the porn industry professionally. I will now share with you and the whole world how that was part of my biggest mistake in life and helped lead directly to the affair.

As a young bride I was very very naive. I had never seen a man naked before even in pictures until I saw my hubby naked. I hadn’t even looked at myself down there nor really paid any attention to other girls in school. I honestly knew nothing about sex nor much about the human body. Hubby used a mirror to introduce me to my vagina. He even had to explain each part by name as we explored my female parts together. I asked questions and even wanted to know if I was “normal” looking down there. Hubby pulled out several adult magazines and showed me other women telling me how my vagina was more perfect than any of the pictures.

I was amazed that yes I did have a nicely shaped vagina. We moved up to watching adult movies together so I could see how other women’s bodies looked and hubby was constantly telling me how much prettier I was than all the models in the magazines or the actresses on the screen. We discussed how it could be me in those magazines and on the screen. It was exciting for us both to fantasize about me becoming an adult model. I kept telling him no one would want to use me as a model but always agreed it would be exciting if I were to appear in those magazines.

For fun I started posing for him. We used a Polaroid camera at first so no one would ever see the pictures but us. Hubby was a semiprofessional photographer with lots of 35mm camera equipment and backgrounds. He promised only one other guy would see my pictures. He would use the local guy who normally developed his film if I would allow him to use his 35mm camera. It was exciting modeling for my hubby who always had an erection as he snapped away at the shutter. I really felt like a real model and it was a wonderful fantasy for us both as we still talked about submitting my photos to adult magazines for publication. It was even super exciting whenever he picked up our pictures and the guy would tell us how exciting it was for him to print them for us. So I knew another set of eyes had seen my naked body in pictures. For some reason it was a real thrill having another man see me.

We still discussed how much more thrilling it would be to have my pictures published. Hubby kept telling me I was more beautiful than all those other models. He just knew every adult magazine would jump at the chance to use my pictures. I agreed it was a wonderful fantasy but no magazine would ever publish my pictures. I honestly didn’t believe they were good enough.

Well to surprise me hubby did the unthinkable. He picked out 30 of his favorite pictures of me and had 20 copies of each one printed. He than put together 20 packets of my pictures with an introduction letter giving my permission for their use which he mailed out to 20 different publishers. A few weeks later when I went to the mailbox what do I find but one of those packets being returned with a rejection letter. I was livid, not because they were rejected but because I felt betrayed by my husband. After lots of screaming and crying I finally heard him out and came to understand he did it as a special surprise for me. He wanted to fulfill our fantasy and prove I would be selected as a model. A few days later a check arrives for 75 sterling pounds (about 125 US dollars). My pictures were going to be published. Soon more checks as well as more rejection letters arrived. I was going to be in no less than a dozen magazines. We were so excited we took more pictures and submitted them to more publishers including those who contacted us requesting additional photos. I was really amazed and my self esteem was at an all time high.

Than it happened, the first magazine arrived. It was thrilling to see my photos in print. But suddenly it hit me a real rollercoaster of emotions. I was high with excitement but a real low with guilt and shame. I realized my naked body would be seen and even lusted after by complete strangers. I was both depressed and happy all at the same time. I just can’t explain my emotions any better. It was really a strange place to be. Other magazines arrived and by the end of the year I was in more than a dozen magazines. That is when a package arrived from England. It was from one of the publishers of my pictures. Hubby and I opened the package together. There was a large plaque naming me “The Most Bonkable Reader’s Wife of the Year”. The bottom of the plaque had miniature reproductions of the 3 magazine layouts I had appeared in. Not something you would hang on your living room wall but I allowed my proud hubby to hang it on his side of the bed. There were 4 tickets to the year end award ceremony where they would normally present the award assuming I was interested in attending the ceremony.

Also in the package was letters from my “fans” who wrote about their fantasies of me as well as telling me how sexy and beautiful I was. I had never had so much positive attention in my life. It excited and thrilled me beyond description. The last letter was from the publisher himself explaining how I had been voted the most bonkable reader’s wife of the year by all the readers of his magazines. He also offered me a modeling contract which was also in the package to spend a month in England modeling for the magazine and doing some soft porn strip tease videos (England had strict pornography laws). I was offered round trip airfare (just for me), deluxe accommodations while in England, and even a second contract if I wanted to extend my stay by doing hardcore videos in Germany where the laws allowed far more extreme sex tapes than the UK. The money they offered was really tempting. They even offered to allow a person of my choosing to be at all my photo shoots.

Wow this was really happening. I was becoming known and even appreciated but for what? It was all about my naked body and showing it to the world. Was I really going to put myself out there like that. Would my husband and family be okay with my becoming an adult model? The more I thought about it the more ashamed I was that I was even tempted to get so deep into porn. Hubby was even encouraging me to accept the second contract to work in Germany doing hardcore videos. Was he really okay with me having sex with other actors? He was the only lover I had ever been with and until recently the only one to see me naked.

We discussed the offer over and over again weighing the pros and cons of my accepting the modeling job. I just couldn’t get my head around it. My ego was off the chart, the money and the travel was incredibly tempting but earning money from sex just wasn’t appealing to me. I would reason that I was already making money from my naked body but as of yet I hadn’t crossed into porn. Of course that was a lot of bull. I already was in the porn industry by being in those magazines. I was only getting deeper into it if I took their offer. I could stop now but most likely there would be no turning back if I proceeded. So I told hubby my decision. I would turn down their offer but still pose for him and even mail out more photos.

Photos were being published and used without our knowledge with all sorts of articles written to accompany the pictures. Our address got published and I was getting all sorts of letters from “fans”, hell let’s call them what they were horny guys wanting to get laid. I sold my soiled underwear, bras, public hair, even made custom videos and photos to order. Like a drug addict I needed more to get that thrill. I started enjoying public nudity in several ways. I would be naked when riding in the car or sunbathing on public beaches or swimming in motel swimming pools. I was becoming something I wasn’t. I never wanted to be the slut I was becoming not that I had ever slept with another guy besides my husband; but I knew after being in more than 125 magazine publications and being lusted after by hundreds of thousands of guys that I truly felt like a slut. I felt guilty and ashamed. This helped lead to my affair. I figured hell if so many guys had already had me in their minds than why not take it to the next level and allow the affair.

I had my tummy tuck and upper thigh lift surgeries which brought that high of being touched intimately during my exams by a man other than my husband. I started my career with the Ob Gyn office and the emotional affair with my employer, which of course became physical. So the porn and public nudity dulled my senses to the point that I allowed the affair. The affair took me away from my family for about 3 months and made me feel more ashamed and guilty than ever before. I tried to commit suicide. I was at rock bottom emotionally. It was time to return home with my tail between my legs and beg my hubby to take me back. I agreed to do anything if he would forgive me. I would never say no to any request. He arranged the blindfolded gang bang and in time I became the extreme slutwife that I am today. I’ve finally accepted who I am and embrace being a true slut. I love all things sexual. I fulfill all fantasies no matter how extreme.

That is my long history of how porn was a huge part of my growth or my downfall depending on how you look at it. So if you do sensitive photos or videos be careful they don’t come back to bite you. Delete them now before they become public (and they will). OR realize you will have to live with the consequences. For me it was almost a broken marriage and a change in my lifestyle from an innocent bride to being an extreme slut wife. Be careful the paths you choose. If you want your pics published start on this site and upload them to as many websites as you can. They will be downloaded and reposted all over the place. It will be like a snow ball rolling down hill. It gets bigger and bigger. As the old saying goes you can’t put that genie back in the bottle.

Besides if you truly want to be a famous porn star just how many can you name. It is worst than trying to be a professional sports player. How many women have their naked pictures and videos all over the web and how many of them do you know? Even the porn stars that made it big (if there is such a thing) how many do you know their actual name? Most use a working name, few are known by their real names. How does that make them famous? A true famous person has made a name for themselves that you recognize as their actual birth name.

Just my thoughts on pornography as it has effected my life. Honestly hubby and I still watch it occasionally and don’t mind photos or videos being made of my adventures. We love my public exposure as it is extremely exciting and thrilling. So I guess in a way I’m still in the porn business. So to end this long report on my thoughts about porn, may all your decisions about being a part of the pornography industry be wise, well thought out decisions; no matter what level of participation.

Terry Webbs early adventures with pornography sex stories real nudity milf pics
Terry Webbs early adventures with pornography sex stories real nudity milf pics
Terry Webbs early adventures with pornography sex stories real nudity milf pics
Terry Webbs early adventures with pornography sex stories real nudity milf pics

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Terry Webb

The best known slutwife ever. I love all the exposure my photos get on your website. I wish I could expose myself in more places in real life but a body cant be in more than one place. Google Slut Terry Webb and you will find me. Im already exposed by name and it is extremely exciting to me. I want to be the best known slut wife ever. Long after Im dead and gone I want to live on like Bettie Mae Page the Queen of Pin-ups. She is my long time role model. My life story: Virgin Bride to Slutwife

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