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The best known slutwife ever. I love all the exposure my photos get on your website. I wish I could expose myself in more places in real life but a body cant be in more than one place. Google Slut Terry Webb and you will find me. Im already exposed by name and it is extremely exciting to me. I want to be the best known slut wife ever. Long after Im dead and gone I want to live on like Bettie Mae Page the Queen of Pin-ups. She is my long time role model. My life story: Virgin Bride to Slutwife
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How can I get a photo removed from this site.

Someone in the know please chime in. I personally have no control beyond my answers to questions here. Hopefully someone will reply soon to help with your request.

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flashing fun

The next 2 links are to similar questions I have already answered about riskiest and most public places....  https://flashingjungle.com/questions/askslut/wheres-the-riskiest-place-youve-ever-had-sex/...

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Is it strange to be into small penis humiliation?

In my experience most guys have a thing for their own man tool. They enjoy showing it off. They enjoy using it and getting off with it. Some such as yourself embrace the size of their penis as a way to...

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My wife is always asking

My gut reaction is she is trying to hurt you. Maybe you can send her pics of larger breasts and say how you wish hers was bigger or if she has large breasts send pics of small breasts and say you wish...

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I want to text some real milfs but i dont know any do you know any on snapchat?

Sorry I can't hook you up. Maybe a few MILF will add a comment here but this forum is not a hookup service. You might try adultfriendfinder.com where in the past we had great luck finding partners. Not...

November 6, 2019 5
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Young n horny

I for one was an innocent virgin when I married. I had no idea what sex was and even believed sleeping with a boy (actually sleeping in the same room not even in the same bed) would caused a girl to become...

November 1, 2019 5
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Incest with older sister

I don't judge but personally I'm not into incest on any level. Maybe if she is a step sister and no kin at all. Yet even that will cause issues down the road. I can't encourage you to act upon your desire....

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around relatives

No I do not hide my nudity from anyone and Yes most family members are aware of my lifestyle is my most simplistic answer. Most of my family are even aware of how extreme my lifestyle really is..... If...

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Am I a slut?

How long ago did this event happen? Was it a one time only group sex activity you were a part of? I mean if you really love sex and this is only one example of how much you enjoy new partners and being...

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Booty call

Actually for me all cock is welcome no matter shape size grith length age or color. I love being airtight with as many cocks as possible all at once.

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Have you taste the cum?

I love all cock no matter size shape girth length age or color. If you have been following my adventures and answers here you already know I especially enjoy lots of cock all at once filling all my openings...

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Show boobs

Just a few different angles for you to enjoy. If you have followed my posts here as well as elsewhere, my tits are on display all over the web. Just Google Terry Webb slutwife for lots more.

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is it proliferant to do

Wow great question....  as you know I love public exposure and putting it all out there for all to see and enjoy. Whether it's a quick flash of my tits or full nudity I enjoy showing my body off in public....

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Hell loving sex is natural. A manic or for that matter a nymphomaniac are only words. For example I love being a true slut wife in every way. I wear the title of slutwife as a badge of honor. However...

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Where’s the riskiest place you’ve ever had sex?

I believe the most often asked question I get is to share about my riskiest place I have ever had sex. I have already shared in other posts about the museum, lots of beaches, public restrooms, pools,...

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So curious

Wow what an interesting question especially the way you ask it. First off I don't really think of myself as being a young lady anymore but you could say I did start when I was young. If you have read...

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Just submitted my first 2 pics

Welcome avid "flasher and hotwife". It is always nice to have other slut wives join in the fun here. I love the attention my pics and materials get here. I love public exposure as I put it all out there...

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more common or less hidden?

I believe it is like when you buy a new car. Before you bought it you never noticed how many of that type of car was on the road. After you bought it suddenly they are everywhere. I think it is because...

October 12, 2019 5
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Wife’s sister

Number 1 is your wife okay with your desire to flash her sister? If not it isn't worth tearing up your marriage over it. If she is okay with it let her advise you how to go about it.

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hot wives wardrobe

I enjoy putting it all out there for all to see either total nudity or at the very least wearing revealing outfits. As for teeshirts advertising anything not really for me. I love all cock no matter color...

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