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ultimate fantasy ultimate fantasy ultimate fantasy ultimate fantasy

ultimate fantasy ultimate fantasy

I’ve often been asked what is my deepest darkest secret as well as what is the one thing I’ve never done but would like to try. If you have followed my adventures you know I have already tried about everything possible sexually. However there is one thing I would like to try that I never have or actually two that I share now with you.

My darkest secret is to have a female circumcision. Even though I love the way I look down there I would love to have everything removed except my clit. The hood both my inner and outer lips everything else removed leaving my clit fully exposed all the time rubbing against my clothes. My vagina opening surgically enlarged so I can take almost anything up my cunt.

Hopefully my entire pussy would be removed as a complete unit leaving only the clit exposed. I want to encase my removed pussy lips and hood in a nice clear acrylic disk adding some magnification. Then I would wear it on a nice gold choker chain right against my neck so my pussy was always on display for all to see even when I am fully clothed. It would be a great conversation starter and even allow me to show off my new look down there to all interested parties. Could get me layed even more than I already am. Then if I die first my hubby would have my pussy to wear around his neck or make a key bob if he preferred. I’m sure he would love having that special part of me with him every where he went. So yes I have given it a lot of thought.

I love the appearance of my pussy. It is full and in my opinion the most perfect body part I have. However Im fascinated by the appearance of a circumcised woman’s vagina. Ive looked at lots of pictures but I’ve never met a circumcised woman in person. I have contacted a few plastic surgeon offices. They tell me it isnt something they offer. I must admit it makes me very wet just thinking about having such an extremely new look. Ive seen pics of all sorts of female circumcisions and my favorite look is just the exposed clit and open vagina. In most circumcisions the clit is usually removed but I want mine to remain for the pleasure and torture it would still bring. I want it all removed except my clit. I want my clit exposed so it is always rubbing against my clothes. In my mind that would be real torture, never being able to find relief from all the constant rubbing. I want the look of no inner or outer labia only a large vagina opening surgically shaped so it is always open. Nothing left but my exposed clit and a huge vaginal opening. Nothing to catch a creampie as it oozes down my thighs.

I can see the surgery in my mind’s eye. I see myself naked on the examination table with my legs up and my feet in the stirrups. I am fully awake and aware of every part of the procedure. There is a woman surgeon in a lab coat sitting between my legs. With a steady hand she is using multiple forceps to pull my hood back maximizing my clit exposure. Then a very sharp surgical instrument is being used to cut away my hood and labia before cutting a large slit in my vaginal opening. Finally being sutured in such a way to leave my vagina with as huge an opening as possible. Once healed I can enjoy all kinds of huge toys up my new snatch. Hell it is about the only thing Ive not done nor had done to me. I have always compared my lady parts to other women. Along the way I have become extremely interested in how circumcised women looked down there. It certainly would change how sex feels for my partners and myself. I would love to share the video of my circumcision and the before and after view of my pussy everywhere. So what do you readers think of my darkest deepest fantasy? It is one I haven’t ever shared publicly and only with a few very close friends. Now I put it out there for the whole world to know. You see I am transparent with my life story in every way and I will continue to answer all of your questions as fully and honestly as I know how no matter how personal or even embarrassing they may be. Now my turn to ask you my readers a question:     Do you think I should pursue my deepest darkest fantasy and have my circumcision or do you like things just as they are?

The darkest part of this desire is that I want to be fully awake without anything to dull the pain as the circumcision is being done. I want to feel the knife cutting my most private parts and each needle stick as the stitches being sewn after my labia and clit hood are all removed. I want it all captured on video closeup to be posted all over the web. I have yet to find a good video of a woman being circumcised and believe such a video of me would get more views than any other video I could ever post.

I never get enough exposure and I’m always looking for ways to increase how many people see me naked both in person as well as on the web or some other way. I want to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime as I become the most famous slutwife ever. I love pain mixed with pleasure and believe a circumcision while fully awake and fully aware of the pain would be the ultimate in pain mixed with pleasure.

My second darkest secret is how I’ve always wanted a tattoo that ran down from my breasts all the way down to my pussy mound and weaving back and forth across the slit of my pussy ending at my ass. It would be a rose stem weaving around my tits looking like it goes under the skin and the coming back out reappearing all around both tits and reappearing at my belly like in and out of my belly button and again appearing at my pussy mound before weaving like a snake back and forth across my slit finally ending like it was growing out of my asshole. There would be roses on the vine as well as butterflies birds and the like. During my tattoo I would love to be on display totally naked in the front window of the tattoo shop for anyone to watch. For hours I would be on display as the artist does his magic. Maybe after the tattoo I will have my nipples and clit pierced too. Of course a nice video of me being tattooed needs to be recorded and posted all over the web. I think it would get a lot of views as well. I get wet thinking of being on display in a window totally naked for hours but to have it forever available on video would be awesome as well.

Well there you have it guys my darkest deepest fantasy and desires that I have never done but maybe one day will have to get them both done. What do you my readers think? Should I do either or even both of them?

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