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Hi,I’m a highly sexed single guy,all I need is a partner that that is genuinely into sex and nudity and confident,where can I find one ,and what majority of girls are as slutty as you?

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If you have read my virgin bride to slutwife history post (I will give a link at bottom of this answer) you already know I was a very naive virgin when I was first married. I would have NEVER dreamed that I would some day become the extreme slutwife that I am today. After an affair and wanting my marriage back I was willing to do anything. That of course lead to me becoming the slut I am today.

So where would you find one? I love public nudity especially on a beach or motel pool/whirlpool. If you ever see me in public I encourage you to use me as your own personal slutwife whore in every way you wish. I would assume most women who put it out there like I do is also interested in being used as a slut.

I want to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime and as we travel for business all over the country I try to meet and have as many sexual partners as possible along the way. My goal is at least 10 partners a day as I try to reach my goal over over 100000 sexual partners in my lifetime. After over 15 years now I am well on my way.

So if you wish to add to my number email me directly at my email address and we can work out a meeting but sadly it won’t be the regular relationship you are looking for. I assure you that you wouldn’t never forget your time with me but it would only be the one time. I invite everyone reading this who would like a turn with me to email me.

Now to answer the last part of your question….. I don’t know what percentage of women who enjoy the level of lifestyle that I do. I would assume it is less than 1 percent. Personally we have met a few wives along the way who enjoy trying to out slut me but they are rare. We do LOVE meeting other like minded couples and especially like minded wives as I love pussy as much as cock. Nothing like some nice girl on girl time to drive the husbands crazy.

Anyway here is a link to my virgin bride to slutwife history post

Terry Webb virgin bride to slut wife history

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