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Hello I am writing to you with a question about your lifestyle. I have to admit that while exhibitionism itself is very exciting and even though I am 21 years old I published my full nude photos, I cannot understand how you can still have self-respect after all your adventures. Even prostitutes have a requirement (in their case, financial), by reading what have you wrote i suppose there is none for yourself. And by that you are seen by others as a walking hole where they can satisfy themselves and forget. Your worth, if you can still call that, is your ass and nothing else. Don’t you think you could have done better and have positive recognition in your area? Do you still have respect for yourself? 

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The following is an email I received from the young woman who posted this question and my answer to her email:

My post on the flashingjungle site was not meant to offend you, if you felt like this, I am sorry.

Looking at it from the perspective you write about, it looks completely different now and I am very happy that you and your husband are happy because that’s what really matters. However, as for your advice on displaying yourself together with providing all the information, it is wrong, at least for young girls for whom it can be very dangerous, not to mention the impact it will have on their social and professional life, unless someone sees himself as a prostitute in the future.

As I write all this, I start to envy you more and more (I don’t know why) but I would like to be so liberated, exposed and experience as many adventures as you do, but at the same time not be considered as a whore.

This was my reply to her email:
Have you read my virgin bride to slutwife history post? I was the naive innocent young virgin bride. I was the one who had the affair. I guess in a way this road started as my repentance for that mistake and trying to renew my marriage but it honestly opened a new lifestyle for my husband and myself. I honestly love being me. We both love the extreme liberated lifestyle.

I do enjoy mentoring other women who desire to be more open sexually. I honestly wish more women were open to being more free sexually. Sadly some people still see such women as whores or sluts but for me that is okay. Hell I love doing that slut walk of shame as I have heard it called. You know walking in public immediately after sex covered and dripping in cum wearing revealing clothing looking and smelling like a whore. I love hearing the comments. Interestingly enough it is usually women who judge me the harshest. Most guys seem to love it and even introduce themselves to me sometimes offering another round.

I do see your point and wasn’t really offended. Nothing really offends me anymore but I did feel you were judging me as lots of women do. I guess part of that comes from never caring about my partners’ marriage status. I’ve probably fucked far more married guys than single guys. As far as I’m concerned it is on them if they want to cheat. I much prefer like minded couples and enjoying sex with both the wife and husband so my hubby can get involved with the other wife as well.

I would be happy to share more with you and even be friends if you wish. Hopefully you will find whatever level of sexual lifestyle you are comfortable with and not worry about such titles as whore or slut. Just enjoy your life as fully as you can. I once was you in a sense especially during my affair as well as my first public exposure in magazines. I did feel dirty and ashamed. In time I got past that. I love the freedom that brings.

I wish you the best in life.

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