My sister in law does laundry at my house sometimes.ive always peaked down her shirt or up her skirt,been drunk n flirtatious with her.harmless I guess.i was high n horny n she was doing her laundry.she left n I went through her clothes n found her panties.i pull down my pants to my ankles n start jerking off with them.im really into it too.licking them,dripping my pre cum on them n talking dirty.then I hear “those are mine not my sister's pervy boy”.I leaped out of my skin n saw her looking at me in doorway to laundry room.”oh shit” I yell startled n embarrassed.im apologizing n begin to rushly try to pull my pants up.she says laughing n a bit smiling “you might as well finish n throw those into the washer if you want”. “You serious?” I said in a cluster.”I won't say nothin,this is funny”she says.so I begin to start over having sex with her panties while she just watches me.she touches herself a little over her jeans n tells me to hurry up n cum she has to go.she gets right in front of me n puts one finger on the tip of my cock while I'm jerking it with her panties around my shaft.i explode alot splattering some on her shirt.she wipes it off smearing it.”you got it on my shirt dick”she said then takes off her shirt exposing her bra n tossing shirt in washer.”you have fun,you good now?”she asks.still a little hard n squeezing the remaining jizz from my cock mopping up my jizz with her panties n say “I am now,thanks that was ummmm fun”.she puts a shirt on from dryer n leaves.that was 4 days ago n walking on egg shells.

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