1. Why a person loving sex is considered a maniac, according to nymphomaniac
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Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Nymphomaniac Hell loving sex is natural. A manic or for that matter a nymphomaniac are only words. For example I love being a true slut wife in every way. I wear the title of slutwife as a badge of honor. However most women most likely would not care to be called sluts even if they were one. It is a word that can be offensive to some folks. But for me I love being called a slut. That is why I enjoy going out in public immediately after sex still covered and dripping man cream smelling of sex and wearing as little as possible. I want to hear people calling me a slut. I love being publicly exposed as a slut thus I enjoy public nudity anywhere and as often as possible if not in person at least all over the web. I enjoy sex as often as possible with as many different partners as possible. I want to be the best known slutwife ever as I try to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I love sex so if you or anyone else wants to call me a maniac or for that matter a nymphomaniac it doesn’t matter. I am what I am, a slutwife whore and proud of it.

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