Is your slutwife lifestyle an atonement for your affair? Is it your desire or your husband’s?


Terry Webb virgin bride to slut wife history

I’ve read your virgin bride to slutwife post above. It made me wonder what actually caused you to become the slutwife you are today. I mean is it more you or your husband’s desire to be so deep into the lifestyle?

Did you become a slutwife of your own desire or was it some sort of an atonement for your affair. Was it your idea or your husband’s wish to live the lifestyle you are living today?

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Is your Lifestyle as an extreme slutwife to amend for your affair? Was it your desire to be a slut?

Is your Lifestyle as an extreme slutwife to amend for your affair? Was it your desire to be a slut? Is your Lifestyle as an extreme slutwife to amend for your affair? Was it your desire to be a slut? Is your Lifestyle as an extreme slutwife to amend for your affair? Was it your desire to be a slut? You are correct I had the affair but not because I stopped loving my husband but this doctor was giving me attention. I just let it go way too far. I was so guilty and honestly never enjoyed that relationship. Because I thought I had lost my marriage I felt like I had to remain in the affair. Yet the doctor said he still wanted his wife and me. I felt so alone. I tried to force my hubby to hate me by denying him everything including my paycheck and my body. I was mean to him. But he kept right on loving me even writing me love letters insisting that even if it was an affair that he still loved me. I hated myself and even tried to commit suicide 5 times. Hubby actually caught my last suicide attempt and I finally confessed.

I promised anything if he would forgive me. Neither of us could touch each other. It was almost like strangers at home. We both were crying a lot. I was relieved to be home but nothing felt like before. We discussed how to get back to normal. So hubby set up the blindfolded gangbang. I to this day don’t know who was there or how many. Hubby later has said at least 25 guys and 3 women. At least one family member and a coworker from both other places of business. Several friends but also guys who just walked in or who answered an ad.

The window and door was open with signs announcing free pussy. We were on the ground floor facing the parking lot in a cheap motel so I assume there were a lot of strangers. Anyway I felt like I was being raped I felt like a whore I couldn’t understand why this was needed for us to return to our marriage. After a full night in the late morning as one last guy was fucking me it was my hubby as he removed my blindfold. We both cried but was happy that we could finally be sexual together again. We discussed how he had to see me as the slut he thought of me and now any guy who smiled at me even at family reunions could have been with me that night. I would never know what guys or gals already knew about me. Needless to say I found that I enjoyed being an extreme slut.

Yes he introduced it to me as his only way to become intimate with me again but he released a new freedom for both of us. That is my story anyway. I have gone on and on about what happened but without really answering your question. I don’t feel like I am amending or seeking atonement for my affair by being the extreme slutwife that I am today. As for satisfying my hubby’s desires well actually before my affair we use to watch a lot of 3some and moresome sex with one woman or the 2 women thing. We discussed how exciting those were for me but I was always afraid to cross that line and was always concerned about my hubby’s feelings if we did cross that line. So in a way he gave me a gift by pushing me into a fantasy I had desired for most of our marriage. He knew more than I did that once I did cross that line that I would have everything I ever desired.

By never knowing who was there I can always assume anyone I am with now may have already had me then (or for that matter the many blindfolded gang bangs we have had since). I will never know the true number of sexual partners I have had as I want to set the world record for the most sexual partners in a lifetime. I know it is honestly into the thousands now. I love who I am and being the extreme slut that I am. All I needed was a little push.

Hubby and I always had a wonderful relationship except during my affair. I honestly don’t think I would change anything. Who knows even without the affair we might have acted on our fantasies of including others in our sex life just as we had always discussed while watching porn together. I might have still found that I love being a true extreme slutwife enjoying all forms of sex. The affair was only a trigger that got us here much faster. So honestly I am not frustrated with any part of my marriage nor would I change anything. I’m truly happy with where we are. We both enjoy my being the slut I am today.

As for my body modification surgery, the C sections left not only a scar but a flap of unsightly flab after losing my mommy weight. I just could not get back my tight stomach. After seeing a documentary about a tummy tuck being done on a woman with the same story as mine, I mentioned it to my hubby. I told him that I would be interested in getting one done. Whenever I tell him I like something he will usually go out of his way to get it for me. So the surgery was for me and my desire. Yes he reaped the benefits of my new look but sadly it also put me on the collision course for the affair.

I NEVER use birth control so any fucking could be a breeding. It adds a whole new level of thrill to our lifestyle. Yes we have children who has obviously different fathers but they are ours. None delivered by birth canal so like you my pussy hasn’t given birth.

I hope this fully explains who I am and how I got here in addition to my virgin bride to slutwife history post you already read.

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