So, I am a 45 year old guy, I just had my first flashing experience, I am in a block of flats and the opposite block has a flat that overlooks mine as it is a bit elevated.

In this flat lives a plump 65 ish year old lady, I once got caught at my window naked, I noticed she saw me. Gave me a bit of a thrill even though it wasnt intentional, so since then I have been trying to discreetly flash to her from my own front room with no success, but tonight I was laying on my sofa naked and I have a mirror that allows me to see her window without me having my head visible to her, and I caught her looking at me, she got on her knees at her window so people below couldnt see her looking, I started to slowly masturbate, she stayed at her window low down for a good couple of minutes watching me, not realising I knew she was watching me. I absolutely loved it, now I want to flash more. Women can get away with it but men cant really.

Is what I did wrong? What do you think, 

addictedtoflashing Changed status to publish August 21, 2020
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