Is my husband crazy



My husband wants me to be without bra and not wear panty except during periods.

And ask me to wear skirts only.

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Is my husband crazy Is my husband crazy Honestly I can’t say all husbands like for their wives to dress slutty as I don’t know all husbands lol. However mine loves for me to be the extreme slutwife that I am and if he had his way I’d never wear a stitch of clothing again. He prefers me totally naked no matter where we are or who we are around. Obviously that isn’t possible so if I can’t be naked at least I can wear something revealing. Actually when we were first married my hubby was the opposite. He wanted me to be the innocent wife I was and wear very conservative clothing. Hell he got mad once when I worn a sweater with a loose weave showing my bra fairly easily thru it. Now he would not only like me wearing that same sweater but without the bra so my nipples poke thru and my breasts are easily seen. I was a virgin and very innocent and naive when we married. Slowly that changed as my swimsuits got smaller lol. We went to the beach often and I preferred a bikini. Hubby kept getting them smaller and smaller until there was barely anything covering me. He assumed me no one would know me or even remember. He told me to look around at the other women on the beach. Many were in small bikinis occasionally one would be topless so obviously the next step was for me to be topless with the smallest thong bottom which finally lead to full nudity. We had a porn collection of magazines and videos. He had me convinced I had a more beautiful vagina than any of the porn stars. He was taking pictures of me and I was posing for him. He asked about mailing some to a few magazines. I honestly didn’t expect them to be published so I agreed. To my surprise they not only got published but in just a few months my pictures were in over 150 magazines. Now I felt less innocent and honestly was torn. I loved the attention and excitement of all these guys lusting after me and seeing me naked but where did that leave me in my marriage. I hadn’t been physical with anybody but my husband yet I felt like I had been physical with hundreds of guys at least in their minds. It lowered my guard enough that I allowed the affair to happen. I figured if so many guys had already fucked me in their minds that the real thing wasn’t much of a step beyond what I was already doing. I felt so guilty after crossing that line. I tried to kill myself several times until hubby caught me that last time and I confessed my affair to him. Of course that led to the blindfolded gang bang he arranged and finally to being the slutwife I am today. SO BABY STEPS… LITTLE BY LITTLE…. you can go from being the shy wife you are today to being much more open in your sexuality. You may actually enjoy it as I do. It might be a little uncomfortable at first such as those ever shrinking swimsuits were for me but after a while you become comfortable in your own skin and showing it off. As my hubby pointed out to me lots of other women are wearing revealing outfits and swimsuits and no one ever really remembers any of them. Go ahead give your hubby the thrill he wants and wear that short skirt without covering your pussy to allow great up skirt views. Go without a bra with a very low cut or otherwise very revealing top. I like those thin tubetops that barely hold me in and shows everything. Or at least go to the pool or beach in the smallest string bikini you can find maybe at some point remove your top and go topless if not at some point nude.

One favorite is also being in a bar on the bar stool with my legs open allowing a nice up skirt view of my bare pussy. I take my cold beer bottle and rub it against myself between my legs bringing that much more attention to my not wearing any underwear under my super short skirt. It usually attracts a lot of attention.

Over time you will get bolder and bolder to the point you might enjoy posting a few pics or videos to really show it off in public. Good luck my new found sister. If you would like you can share pics of yourself in these outfits for my input. I swear they will be prompty deleted and never shared. I have several friends who share with me in this way. It could be a nice slow way to get you into wearing such outfits. If you want I could even get my hubby to look them over for you too and give his option. I look forward to hearing from you again real soon as you share with me your progress in being more slutty for your husband. Again you can always email me directly at for any additional sharing.

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